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Microsoft's Anime Branding


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So I've been completely unaware of this subculture of advertising/branding/marketing/whatever for years now until this very morning when a co-worker shot me this link where I got to meet this presently nameless entity:


You're looking at the official Microsoft anime personification of Windows 10.

To understand this, I guess you have to look back a few years to the advent of OS-Tan, a subculture of fan art where operating systems and web browsers each had anime representations which were in and of themselves rather innocent/cutesy. Things escalated when Microsoft-Asia/Singapore legitimately took interest in the fascination and have officially used, for lack of a better word, evolutions of anime characters to represent their products.

The rabbit hole runs deep.

The following link is slightly NSFW, but shows the depth of their anime roster.



Read more about OS-Tan.

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Maybe, but I'm heavily fixated on Firefox-tan myself. She knows exactly how and where I like things, and successfully convinced me to reduce the amount of clutter on my browser. Usually she's amazing, but lately she's been going through a phase where she's just being completely unresponsive and it's really getting me down. I suspect alcoholism is behind this recent behaviour, either that or my clunky old laptop. Chrome-tan has been trying to make things right, maybe tried to lure me away even, and yet despite everything I remain clinging to my dear, beloved Firefox-tan.

Also I like redheads.

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Firefox-tan's problem is that she is constantly eating and with every update, she consumes even more. Eventually I had to move on to the slimmer, sexier Waterfox-tan. She has the mature self-control that her sister lacks. Also she hasn't been sullied by anyone on deviantart (to my knowledge...please dont try to prove me wrong).

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