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Lycan38's AHL 2.0 (Chicago Added)


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My previous AHL series ended up abandoned. Just couldn't come up with ideas at the time. So, starting over with the hope that I will finish every team. I have really one thing that will be settled before comments are made. I am not adding sponsor ads or parent club logos to the designs. I've never been a fan of it. So, lets get started and as always I welcome all feedback.

Stockton Heat


For Stockton I wanted to give them a more traditional looking set. Something that breaks them away from their parent club.

Manitoba Moose


I was excited when it was announced that the Moose were back in the AHL. Its one of my favorite brands in sports. I was disappointed that they just cookie cutter the Jets sweaters. Kept the colors as is (logos look good in the Jets color scheme). Brought back the antler numbers and to give them a look that was their own.

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Wow both are amazing, wouldn't mind with if the affiliates having those jerseys either.

Looking forward to more AHL material.

Btw, the # on Stockton isn't centred.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Rochester Americans


Rochester has one of the best looks in the AHL. Its not totally untouchable though, so made some small changes. Evened out the stripes, darkened the blue slightly and added an alternate that the team has history wearing. Also, went with the shield as the primary over the shield and script. I've always felt it was a little too busy. Feel free to comment.

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What would you think about giving the red version a lace up? Might help differentiate it a little more from the main set. But that's just me nitpicking, this is a great looking set. Classic and consistent.

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