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Oshawa Generals Concept


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Hello, Im quiet new to make logos and concepts in Illustrator but I really enjoy it so I fixed Oshawa Generals logo from 80 - 84 and here is the logo. I know it not the best work in illustrator but Im learning new techniques every time I do a logo:

Old logo:


New logo:


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Welcome to the logo design world slajd. That's a very good start there. A few things I would suggest:

1. Remove the black outline you have around the shield, banner, hockey sticks & blue outline.

2. Work on getting a more consistent stroke, right now they're thick in some areas & too thin in others.

3. Yours looks stretched compared to the original, not sure if that was your intention when drawing this up but I would adjust it to match the original a bit more.

4. Make the edges of the hockey sticks match the edges of the blue border like on the original.

Working on these minor issues will take this design to where it needs to be IMO. Good luck on this & hope to see the update soon.


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Could that also be done in Paint.net? I wonder as I have that program but am not sure if it would be useful.. I still have Illustrator but not used it for a while.. I would love to do a copy of the original logo and do a side by side work to match and make it more modern but no idea.. would give me something fun to do for a while but ah what with work and etc... any suggestions would be welcome

BTW Slapj, wow nice job man.. but like Ren say, that logo looks so stretched it could be a bit better not so stretched out...

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Much better! Just needs some minor tweaks to the line weights to make them more consistent. Right now you still have some thick & some thin, make those even all around & it's good to go.

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