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And if America's Cup teams wear Nike Neon shirts?


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Those who know me a while know that the company that I like to create for is Nike. Even missing a lot, Nike is still a strong company, and sometimes she does things that please me, as it did with the third Neon shirts last season, for its major European clubs. I got to do a project in behance had a nice rebound, making this style shirts for nine clubs in Latin America.

Now I decided to make Nike neon shirts for the twelve teams that will contest the America's Cup which will begin soon in Chile. Some shirts were good, some shirts were horrible, but I tried to close the Nike would, and that my goal, at least I think I did well.

See the post on my blog: http://migre.me/q9I7j

C&C Please!

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Some of the kits (Paraguay, Peru, maybe Brazil and Jamaica) would be better off as clashes, but, overall, the idea is great and most of your concepts could translate to real life. Nice job!

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