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Denver Bears jersey from Ebbets Field Flannels


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Would you guys mind helping me check my reality? I'm having a 1967 Denver Bears home jersey made by Ebbets, and we're on our 4th revision of the proof (see first pic below). I have provided multiple pictures for their reference, the most recent of which I took at a cool little museum half a block from Coors Field in downtown Denver (2nd and 3rd pics below). These large photos provide what I believe to be a great reference of what the script should look like, but I don't think the proof is as close to the original as it could be.

I realize I am anal about this stuff, but I really think a professional artist should be able to be more accurate than this. Am I being unreasonable? I placed my order on Jan. 23 and I'm about ready to say, "OK, if that's as close as you can get, just go ahead and make it." I would appreciate any input... Thanks!




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I feel like the B could use some revision, mainly the way it curls through to the e, and the end of the tail needs to be changed more to match the picture.

Thanks, Matt. Yeah, the drop-shadow on the top right of the B is not thick enough, too. Also, the script on the real jersey clearly runs slightly uphill from left to right; I have asked them to do this twice, and it's still not happening. Oh well -- luxury problems right?

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