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From the Sox Drawer - Alabama State University


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There's so many logos I've done but haven't shared for whatever reason. I have been thinking that it would be really cool to show off some of the nicer ones to the public, because outside of tumblr, and the people I did them for, no one has seen these.

So last year around November, I got an email out of the blue. It was a guy who had played baseball at Alabama State. He was emailing me because he wanted me to put a logo package for ASU together because, well, they don't have a great identity. He wanted a few logos, a font, and some jerseys. I told him I was game because this was such a great opportunity.

In my head I wanted to do a cool, one color logo, like Texas or Kansas State. I figured that on yellow or black, the hornet's stripes could still have similar effects. But the black really didn't agree with me and I had to settle with an outline. I talked to our good friend Doug, who I see as a great mentor, and he was just saying how it wasn't working. I finally decided I should start again.



I loved the shape, but going forward it needed to be more realistic. Bold lines, correct anatomy, and multiple colors. So I took apart the shapes that made the previous look. I went one by one making shadows and highlights in addition to the small details. I added an eye, some legs, and Power Ranger looking thunder bolts to the tail. All of this resulted in one of my favorite logos I've ever done. I made an ASU monogram, and a full font for them. Then finally, I made a football uniform using the striping pattern.





But eventually I sent the whole thing to the guy(who was legit, I found him on their baseball roster), and he never got back. He wanted it around New Years and I think I got it done before then, but I still have this really nice logo that ASU is willing to buy from me!

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Huge Upgrade ----- AGREED!

I liked that far better since it comes out as original as it stay traditional for an older college team/school. I actually liked that alot.

Only one thing should try to change alittle bit is the shoulder sleeves. Since it is jackets/hornets/bee team, why not throw in honeycomb pattern on them cuz to me it looked almost like tiger stripes or a set of gator's teeth??


Also for this one.... the wings part looked a bit funny. is it too late to do anything to change that?

BUT Still everything really suit ASU big time! Good going!

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Thanks so far! Here are some of the pictures I used as references. I really couldn't tell how the wings were attached, so I went for the actual look rather than anatomy.



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Huge upgrade, but something looks off on the "ASU" logo. I think it is because there is no space between the U and the S but a lot between the A and S. I don't know if you could still fix this, but it does seem a little off. The rest is really great though!

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I like the hornet, the colors and the uniforms look great. But the monogram logo doesn't work for me. The letter "A" doesn't have the right shape in order to go well together with the other two letters the way you placed them.

The monogram would work if the "A" looked like this:


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