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From the Sox Drawer - BC Lions


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Every one check out nas1787's thread for inspiring me to do this concept

So for LITERALLY years, I've had an idea to rebrand the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League. Look at animal logos in the Pacific North West. The Canucks and Seahawks both have sleek logos with references to traditional Native American, or First Nations art. The style is very straight with patterns and flairs that make it seem like it could be made of wood.

The BC Lions' logo isn't great. It's iconic, but not great. So I went ahead and made this yesterday. I went step by step, snapchatting the results. The first attempt was very blocky and hardly resembled a lion. I couldn't just take a lion from aboriginal art, well because, there isn't any. Not even mountain lions. So I looked at other animals, so eagles and wales. I picked up a few things from there. I went and looked at lion logos, so Detroit's came up. I realized that I may have to be sleeker than originally planned, but as long as it's bold and sharp. I did the head shape first, then added more details. The mouth is flat and angular, like the Seahawks and Canucks. I did a dark Shadow on the neck and jaw. Then white around the mouth (and has been nicknamed Colonel Sanders because of it). Eyes are one of my weak points, and I drew an eye after looking at some for other animals and came out with an eye that matched. I threw in a few shapes that I noticed in the art I saw, and I was done with the head.

The BC was the Baylor font that I really love. I wanted something that was different than the one they had, but could still be modern and evoke movement. I put the BC on the bottom of the head and placed it so the detail wold remain, and be as tall as it is wide. I may do some uniforms, but wanted to post these logos that I've had in my head for so long.




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The lion is really nicely rendered. I like the modern clean lines, and I can see some of the aboriginal influence. Now that you mentioned the Colonel Sanders lookalike, it's hard not to see it. I'd consider reworking the white to make it look less like a mustache and goatee. I'd also tweak the font. I know you just used the Baylor font, but the inconsistency in width between B/S and C/O is really distracting, especially in the primary logo.

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