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Joyce Clark is intimating that Pearson was or is an employee of the Coyotes, but I'm not ready to trust Joyce Clark.

I'm not sure about that either. She's been reported to be a nurse, and she is a spokeswoman for the really misnamed "Glendale First" (or as it's like to be called on the HFBoards "BeavisPAC" ^_^ ), but outside of Clark I haven't heard any evidence that she's actually a Coyotes employee.

Of course Joyce Clark is a former Glendale councillor who had been consistently in favour of subsidies to the Coyotes and ran in the election she lost solidly in support of current deal. Who knows why she's suddenly turned against the Coyotes, perhaps she's found religion, but it doesn't change the fact that she's an idiot...

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I can't imagine rooting for a different MLS team.

There. FTFY. :D

Olbermann summed up Ronda (Rhonda?) Pearson pretty well:

Eh. You're missing out.

On the topic, Seattle is more than happy to pick at the bones of any franchise that might come our way. No hard feelings from two years ago, I promise.

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No wonder Glendale couldn't obtain any paperwork stating Barroway was the majority owner. He never was! Wonder if this kind of furious paper-pushing might get the Feds sniffing around.

If Bettman et. al. go down to tax evasion, I will laaaauuuggghhhh

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Just end the madness send the Coyotes north

Coyotes that is the right name for this team btw, because Gary Bettman's pursuit of making Glendale work has been as futile as Wil E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner, this latest lease cancellation is like the anvil and the big boulder landing on his head as the city goes meep meep.

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The Coyotes released their preseason schedule today with only one home game (the final preseason game) and a game in Bakersfield, CA against the Kings, which the Kings list as a Coyotes "home" game.

The Coyotes also put out a statement today, which I will post in its entirety: “We expect the City of Glendale to honor its contractual commitments. We intend to continue to honor ours." And that's it.

And Billy Daly spoke on the Coyotes' radio station today. Nothing truly interesting in it. Usual boilerplate NHL stuff. Daly did sai this, "They deserve better than what they are getting right now…I would say to all Coyotes fans to hang in there and this too shall pass."

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I can't say for certain that I wouldn't be as blinded if a team I loved was in the same situation, but c'mon. It's silly to yell for Glendale to honor their ageement when the Coyotes structured the agreement in such a way that they could pack up and move at their leisure. This year alone they "reported" $30 million lost, out of the $50 mil they had to lose over three years to move with no penalties. And honestly, this might not even be them cooking the books. They have $9 ticket-and-hotdog deals and still can't get more then 9,000 into the stadium on a weeknight. It's just an awful situation and the dopes in power fifteen years ago made the mistake of building this place. No amount of subsidies-they-don't-have will make the Coyotes a profitable franchise.

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