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NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

the admiral

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8 hours ago, the admiral said:

Image result for badaboum nordiques


Now take a look at good old Badaboum. There's no sexual valence whatsoever to this alleged river otter. He has googly eyes from an arts and crafts store. Good wholesome fun for the family. Though the phallic symbolism here is impossible to ignore...


Image result for badaboum nordiques

i believe that is the Frontenac in the background (i have stayed there).

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2 hours ago, goalieboy82 said:

nice (had the step up from the basic room).  and my room overlook were the photo was taken (depending on where that photo was taken.


as a side note to that:

it was during the 2017 World Series too.  stayed in 2016 in Ottawa during the time the Blue Jays playoff run (at the Château Laurier).  

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Couple more things about the Coyotes from 31 Thoughts podcast episode.

  • Chayka was forced to change his phone number during/after their arbitration because Arizona harassing him because they thought he was feeding information to Friedman
  • I guess in Arizona you can only get a a sports betting license as part of a Tribe or as the owner of a local sports team, which seems to be a reason why Merulo bought the team in the first place
  • The biggest trouble facing the Coyotes from the NHL is if the industry growth funds were misappropriated because those funds come from revenue sharing

  • Friedman also said the law firm who met with Coyote employees is the same one hired by the league to investigate Dale Tallon, so the NHL might be starting to look into what's going on

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Inside jokes aside, it’s an absolute mess at stateline right now. Hopefully they just get this over with quick and leave. I’m genuinely hoping they never do this again. 

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The Buffalo Sabres always remind me that Mike Harrington sucks and it makes me smile. In 2011 Mike Harrington from the Buffalo News and I got into a long twitter spat that resulted in a block that still stands to this day. He randomly decided to take shots at the Blue Jackets organization and then began rather unprofessionally (and forgetting he lives in Buffalo, New York) started taking shots at the city of Columbus on the whole. I was 23 and unemployed at the time so that was my excuse. His was ???


Anyways, I enjoy that since then that dick's had to cover the by far worst team in the NHL who's had maybe the worst ten year stretch anyone's ever had in league history. I don't even think I'd change places with him and my current career position at this point.  

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