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UMass Football Redesign


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I play a lot of NCAA 14, and my Dynasty save is with UMass. They typically wear a black helmet, black socks, and have a blackout alt. Black is technically a school color, but I never thought it looked good with maroon and white. With that in mind, I tried to improve upon their look by reducing the amount of black involved. I also added one of their secondary logos to the helmet, just to try something new. I realize that it's not totally centered, but I thought that lining Sam the MInuteman up so that his back foot appears to be pushing off one of the curves of the helmet would help convey the sense of motion that the logo suggests.



I also came up with a fauxback alternate, using vintage white and a retro logo of my own design. UMass' actual old-school logo was a block M with "Massachusetts" across it in a grey banner, which I wasn't quite feeling, so I decided to try an interlocking block U and M.


C&C are always welcome. I've been out of the game for a while, but I don't think I got too rusty in the meantime!

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