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NHL Concepts || Carolina Hurricanes Logo || 18 June


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Hi, everybody! It's been quite awhile since I posted something concept-wise. The last time I did so, the boards were going through a transition period of new mods being implemented and younger/inexperienced members running amok, causing chaos on the thread I posted. I became discouraged, thinking the CCSLC was doomed to fail. The quality of work around here has suffered and there are too many inexperienced members not properly taking C&C, or, taking the wrong C&C from the wrong people. But, I digress...

Anyway, I've been working on a very simple hockey template that I could use for myself (the helmet, pants, and socks, I've taken from various places here in the templates section, so credit to the artist(s) that created those). The jersey was the part I hand drew and then uploaded to my computer and traced, so I would like come comments on that if you feel so inclined. I struggled with the proportions and ratios a bit, but I feel like I've found a comfortable median. The uniforms are designed to have thinner sleeves and more be more formfitting, as I initially wanted to create an entire series dedicated to coming up with a new manufacturer of jerseys (other than Reebok, CCM, Starter, Nike, etc., etc.) and redesign the NHL according to that. I may get to that at a later date, but for now, I'd just like some feedback on what I have.

Calgary Flames

Logo: The Flames have a very good logo currently. Very good, but not great. Besides being muddled with unnecessary black and having one too many outlines, it is a crisp and clean logo that is very recognizable. I took the liberty of cleaning up the logo some, giving it a better sense of speed and direction, while still maintaining it's original form. The flames on the 'C' always bugged me because in the middle there are two flames that come together in opposite directions forming an awkward area of background amidst the foreground that is the logo. The 'C' itself has always looked weird to me too. The negative space on the inside looks like a kidney bean; it just doesn't flow well enough. I've also designed an alternate logo (yes a roundel!), using the Flames' current alternate as inspiration.

If you click the links below, you can see larger images of the logos I've designed for the Calgary Flames.

Primary (white background) || Primary (red background) || Alternate

Uniforms: As we all know and can (hopefully) agree on, the Calgary Flames have some of the worst uniforms in the NHL. I, for one, love the color scheme of red, yellow, and white. The addition of black, in my opinion, isn't necessary. I've actually tried many times and in many different ways to implement it in this concept to prove myself wrong, but I can't. What really strikes a nerve with me is that the flames use a black 'C' on their primary uniforms, it's really unappealing. So, I thought to just eliminate the black completely and go back to the red, yellow, white color scheme that the club started with. I did darken the colors a bit (I remember the Blues playing the Flames a couple years ago in their throwback jerseys and I thought that the shades of red and yellow were far too bright). The jerseys are really a combination of the first couple of eras: the colors of the first and the differentiated stripe widths of the second. The second era of Flames uniforms (1995-2000) were actually pretty good, sans that ridiculous diagonal stripe. The black was tolerable there, but, to me, not needed. I came up with a concept that combines and modernizes the inaugural and '95 look, getting rid of some unnecessary components. As I've stated with the explanation of the logo, I wanted the concept to evoke the idea of speed, so I kept the idea of the italicized numbers, changing the font to a more modern one. The alternate is pretty straightforward when I tell you that I love it when teams use one color and white in their identity (i.e. Maple Leafs, Red Wings, Jets [NFL], Colts [NFL], etc.).

Thanks to those that took the time to read everything and hopefully I won't run into any problems with immature members like I did last time.

So without further ado, here's the concept! Tell me what ya think!

(Click to enlarge)


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It is certainly better than what they currently have, however one suggestion I'd have would be to add some more yellow.--it barely shows up--I understand from your reasons why you probably did it though.

The alt isn't bad--sort of harkens back to the WHA Cowboys.

But I always found white shoulders on red a but distracting, although that could be a good thing for them if they distract the other team.

As to the logo--I don't feel it accomplished what you were seeking to do--it looks clunky to me, like it wouldn't move that well, there's less cureve to it.

I do prefer their current logo, I find it sleek and the flames don't bother me.

I certainly agree they don't need the black and would be more than okay if they dumped it.

But cool job, I enjoyed seeing it.

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You eliminated black; it's already an upgrade. :P

Anyway, it needs a little more gold and I'd prefer if you use their current logo (minus the black, of course). I'm not too crazy about the stripes, but this design overall has a lot of potential.

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Aw, man, I really liked the logo. :P

Ah, well, maybe I'll rework it, maybe I'll try it with the current logo. Thanks for all of the constructive comments guys! I have a few other concepts from my previous series that I would like to adapt to this template and revise a little bit, so I'll post a few of them here for some comments and I'll get back to the Flames when I get some time.

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I may as well turn this into a series, seeing as how I took so long to create a template I really liked and I have a few concepts done/near done. One of such is the Carolina Hurricanes. I only have the logo to show now, I just wanted some comments on it.

Carolina Hurricanes Logo: Just a simple update of what they have now, and a tweaked version of what I had done in my last NHL concepts thread (I'm too lazy to dig up the link now, but I'll post it soon). Basically I flipped the middle portion of the logo, which was supposed to be the "eye" of the storm I'm assuming, and made it look more like a hockey puck. The logo the 'Canes have now is very flat and stagnant, so I gave it some depth and motion. I hope I succeeded in giving this logo motion, as I tried with the Flames logo, but came up a bit short.


I'm going to work on the uniforms tonight/tomorrow and post them as soon as I can. Thanks for checking it out, fellas!

As always, comments are much appreciated.

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