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Arena League/Dark Horse Comics Mashup Logos (9 of 12 - Updated 7/1)


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Hello everyone, I was recently checking out the NFL/Marvel logo mashup topic along with similar pages and thought they were awesome. It inspired me to do something similar, but I doubt I could live up to those already done with the NFL and major comics like Marvel, so I decided to go to the 2nd tier of football and comics and mashed up the Arena Football League and Dark Horse Comics.

This presented an extra challenge, as I'm familiar with some Dark Horse comic characters but not a ton. I made the rule that I was working with Arena team's primary logos, and tried to match comic characters based on team colors, logo and general concept. I'l include the original team name with logo since they aren't as well known.

This is my first time sharing on this forum, and I only have Paint.NET to work with so please be gentle, lol. Here is a list of teams names linking to posts as I post them, and below that are my first two logos, I hope you like them!

Arizona Blue Rajas (Rattlers/The Blue Raja)
Cleveland Spartans (Gladiators/300)
Jacksonville Sammaels (Sharks/Sammael)
Las Vegas Sinners (Outlaws/Sin City)
Los Angeles Liz (KISS/Elizabeth Sherman)
New Orleans Hellboys-Ver. 2 (Voodoo/Hellboy)
Orlando Predators (Predators/Predator)
Philadelphia Abe Sapians (Soul/Abe Sapian) - In this post
Portland Feedback (Thunder/Feedback)
San Jose Tricksters (Sabercats/The Mask)
Spokane Shovel (Shock/The Shoveler)
Tampa Bay Xenomorphs (Storm/Xenomorph)

Philadelphia Abe Sapians (based off Philadelphia Soul):


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It's okay. I understand you don't have much to work with so I can respect this.

Thanks. I know with my software the execution won't be as good as many others on this forum (doing this in part to push what I have to work as well as it can), so I'll certainly take that, haha.

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Are we gonna see the Orlando Predators anytime soon?

That is actually planned for the future, might be one of my next ones. In general I'm not planning to use too many of the licensed comics (just seems too easy) but that is just too perfect not to do.

This one isn't fully finished, still in the rough draft, but I thought I would post what I have for my next mashup, which is the Portland Feedback (Feedback is a hero who can absorb powers from video games and manipulate electrical fields).


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In the Hellboys logo, a lot of the linework is much too thin. Simplify the design and consider your line weight. Paint.net should be sufficient for your needs here.

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Thanks for the comments!

I'm a fan of The Mask, so it's likely to be included, though I'm not sure which team it'll be mashed up with yet. Las Vegas or San Jose feel like the closest fits so it'd likely be one of them.

I redid the Hellboys logo to try and improve the lines and simplify some aspects and I think it's looking much more logo-like now. I also posted the next logo, which is for the Orlando Predators.



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Good job with the Predators, although the dreadlocks could be steamlined a bit.

And for good measure, why not a Xenomorph team in the Predators' division? They are arch rivals in the comics after all.

Thanks! At first I was thinking I wanted some more of the ends of the dreadlocks to still stand out with the outlines but having not looked at for a bit now I can see what it sounds like you're seeing too, so I may revise that.

Actually I'd had the same thought and went with it; the next two logos I have planned are going to be for the Tampa Bay Xenomorphs and the Cleveland Spartans.

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Thanks for the comments, I'll give that a shot. I tried a blue outline previously and wasn't liking it as much but with those changes it might work better.

Here is my next logo, the Jacksonville Sammaels (of Hellboy fame) I tried to maintain the weird, creepy, asymmetrical appearance the creature had while simplifying some of the details to work as a logo. Hope you enjoy!


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Here is my next logo, it combines the Spokane Shock along with Mystery Men's The Shoveler to create the Spokane Shovel! I'm pretty happy with this logo so far, I based it off a military tactical shovel. Any comments are appreciated!

My next ones will be some touch ups to the Tampa Bay logo, then I'm thinking the next new logo will for the Arizona Rajas, a mashup of the Rattlers and The Mystery Men's Blue Raja.


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Here is my preliminary logo for the Arizona Blue Rajas. I say preliminary because I want to try to make the pattern over the R more logo-like and not overly thin-lined and detailed, but I like the concept and wanted to get some opinions on it. Much like the Blue Raja, I made sure not to include any blue in the logo, though I did reintroduce a shade of Green similar to what the Rattlers used for a time. Also, I'm trying out a slightly different presentation style. Hope you all like!


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