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History Of The NAPHL- War Struggles for Toronto


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Hey guys! Over the past week or so I have been making a fictional hockey league. I was inspired by Veras' football league, but I decided to try it with hockey. I also realize that hawkfan89 has started one too, but I didn't know about it until today (You should check it out). Anyways, let's get started here...

The Canadian Proffesional Hockey League was founded on March 8th, 1932 by Ralph Walter .
The league was established as a professional league designed to compete with
the NHL. The league started with 4 teams: The Toronto Snappers, Halifax Harbourmen,
Kingston Fire, and the Montreal Saints. Halifax was named after the large harbour
in the city, Toronto was named for their cold snaps (Hence the name Snappers),
Kingston was named after a large fire that happened in 1840 in Kingston, and
Montreal was named the Saints because of the city's nickname 'The City Of Saints'.
The Harbourmen and the Fire faced-off on November 14th, 1938 for the CPHL's
first ever game. The final score was 6-2 in favor of Halifax. As the season progressed,
it was clear that the Harbourmen were special. They won their first 4 games until
Kingston deafeated them 7-5, but they bounced back to win 11 in a row. The team would
lose only 3 more times and add 17 wins for a league best record of 22-4. Toronto would
finish with a solid record of 15-11. Kingston was 12-14, and Montreal came in last
with a horrid record of 6-20. The top 2 teams would battle for the CPHL Champions Trophy,
awarded to the champion of the CPHL. Toronto opened the scoring just :44 in and would add
another goal just 2:27 later. Halifax finally scored with 3:18 left in the 1st period.
The Harbourmen then scored 3 goals just 1:49 apart from each other to take a 4-2 lead.
Toronto added a goal 4:59 into the 3rd period, but Halifax went on to score twice more
and added an empty-netter to win the CPHL Champions Trophy by a score of 7-3. The MVP of the
championship was Right Wing, Lester Wallman. He lead the league in goals,assists,
and points with 59 goals, 94 assists and 153 points.
1932-1933 Standings
1. Halifax
2. Toronto
3. Kingston
4. Montreal
Champion: Halifax (1)
MVP: RW, Lester Wallman
1932-1933 Uniforms
A few notes: This will be made in paint.net, so quality will be a little rough. I have uniforms completed for the next 3 years, and results until 1945, so I may post the standings first and the uniforms a bit later. Don't expect new stuff every day. Yes, these uniforms suck, but that's how they were back then. Trust me, they will get a lot better. C&C is encouraged! If you have any suggestions for teams or uniforms I'll take them, but they may have to wait because I have results done until 1945. Thank you very much for checking out my league, it really means a lot! - Dolphins91
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They look a bit too bright for their time

Check below


The same teams remained from last year. Kingston finished in 1st place with a 16-10 record.
Halifax took 2nd place at 14-12. Montreal improved to 12-14, while Toronto sunk to the bottom
with a 9-17 record. The Harbourmen repeated as champs with goaltender, Joseph Ontog grabbing
the MVP award
1933-1934 Standings
1. Kingston
2. Halifax
3. Montreal
4. Toronto
Champion: Halifax (2)
MVP: G, Joseph Ontog
Uniform Changes
Halifax: No changes
Montreal: Fleur de lis now on white jersey, arm stripes now on white jersey, drop shadow number on red jersey, NOB added to red jersey,darkened colors slightly
Kingston: Darkened colors, red pants, portion of stripes taken away from the back of the red jersey
Toronto: Darkened colors, added black band for 1 year only, to honor the death of Snappers Left Wing, Sammy Redwood
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This has potential, I'll be following for sure, go Halifax!!

Thank you! Halifax is definitely the best team in the league, they are the Habs of the CPHL. I think you'll enjoy the success that they have in the future.
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In the CPHL's 3rd year the Montreal Saints took control early by starting 13-2 and finshing the year 21-5.
Kingston got 2nd with a great record of 19-8. Toronto started palying well late in the year, by
finshing 8-1, but that didn't help as their record was 13-13 in the end. Halifax was expected to be explosive yet
again, but an injury in their superstar goalie cost them midway thru the year, as they finished 10-16.
Kingston would upset the dominant Saints in the championship and Kingston goalie, Earnest Jay, won MVP.
1934-1935 Standings
1. Montreal
2. Kingston
3. Toronto
4. Halifax
Champion: Kingston (1)
MVP: G, Earnest Jay
Uniform Changes
Halifax: The Harbourmen would change shades of green and gold a bit, an anchor was now featured as the crest, a gold uniform is added, new sleeve stripes, green pants!
Montreal: No changes
Kingston: No changes
Toronto: New crest for the orange jersey
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In the offseason the Michigan Blizzards joined the league as the first American team. As a result they
league changed the name to the North American Professional Hockey League, the logo also changed. Halifax
now had a healthy goalie and as a result finished 1st at 19-7. Kingston finsished 2nd at 15-11. Montreal
struggled early and finished 3rd at 12-14. Toronto was awful, the newly built Ontario Ice Palace was
sitting at just above 55% capacity for games. They would finish 9-19. The Blizzards had
issues midway thru the season that cost them any chance at competing for a championship. 4 of their top players were arrested
and charged with armed robbery. As a result, the NAPHL board banned these players
for the rest of the year, so the team had to use players from local colleges, and they finished
8-18. Halifax would defeat the Fire to win their 3rd championship. Lester Wallman once again was MVP.
1935-1936 Standings
1. Halifax
2. Kingston
3. Montreal
4. Toronto
5. Michigan
Champion: Halifax (3)
MVP: RW, Lester Wallman
Note: CPHL Champions Trophy renamed NAPHL Champions Trophy
Uniform Changes
The only team with new uniforms was the expansion Michigan Blizzards.
New NAPHL logo
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In 1936 Toronto would have a breakthrough year. They picked up an incredible Center from the University of Minnesota named Jerred

Tinzel, who would go on to score 52 goals and 87 assists. That was good enough to win the award for most
points. Behind his stellar play, they finished 18-8. Montreal stole 2nd place from Halifax in the final game of the
regular season. Both teams had a 15-10 record going in, but a 2 goal night from Saint's center, Ken Grudy, secured a
championship spot in a 2-1 win. Despite defeating the Harbourmen in great fashion, the Saints would collapse
against Toronto. The Snappers would win 6-1 to capture their only championship in their history.
1936-1937 Standings
1. Toronto
2. Montreal
3. Halifax
4. Kingston
5. Michigan
Champion: Toronto (1)
MVP: C, Jerred Tinzel
No uniform changes were made this year.
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Halifax and Montreal battled every second to see who was better in 1937.In the first 15 games Montreal was 12-3 while Halifax was 11-4.

Halifax would finish 1st though, at 19-7. The Saints were 17-9. Toronto would come in 3rd at 14-12. Kingston was 13-13, and Michigan
played poorly and finished 8-18. The championship game was a great one from start to finish. After a scoreless 1st period that included 3
fights, fans knew that it would be a hard fought battle. Saints winger, Martin Sampson, scored on a breakaway to open scoring with 3:41
left in the 2nd period. Before the faceoff Halifax coach, Daryl Casper, was blazing mad. He was arguing a no-call, in which Saints defenceman, Trevor Joseph, picked up and shoved a Halifax player, whom was without the puck, into the boards. Coach Casper threw sticks onto the ice and began cursing
at the Saints players and coach. That ignited a flame, and the players began to fight left and right. After approximately 20 minutes the
teams resumed play. Casper was ejected along with 6 Halifax players, and 3 from the Saints. Halifax was now coachless, but they continued to
battle with Montreal. Being down several men cost the Harbourmen, because they did not play like normal for the rest of the game. Later in the game, Saints center, Harold Rector, would score the 2nd goal for Montreal with 7:12 remaining in the 3rd and that would be it,
as the Saints would win the championship for the first time in franchise history
1937-1938 Standings
1. Halifax
2. Montreal
3. Toronto
4. Kingston
5. Michigan
Champion: Montreal (1)
MVP: RW, Martin Sampson
Uniform Changes
Halifax: None
Montreal: None
Kingston: The team overhauled the uniforms. They retained the same logo, but the uniform now had simpler striping and was much cleaner.
Toronto: The Snappers changed to black and orange this year. The jerseys featured diagonal lettering that read 'SNAPPERS', with black lines surrounding the text. They also had black pants with striping, and were also the first team to wear to socks for Home and Road.
Michigan: None

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In the offseason, all coaches and owners met together to make a big change. The season would now last twice as long as the 26 game year. The
teams had pushed ever since the 2nd season to extend the schedule. This would also help a lot, because an expansion is hapenning in the next year.
So, now that they play 52 games instead of 26, the games are closer together than before, players will get tired twice as fast, and the fans
will have twice as many games to attend. Montreal was not affected by this change, they had a great record of 39-13. Michigan had a breakout year, they
were talked about everywhere, the team that finished last 3 years straight was now the 2nd best team at 34-18. Kingston got 3rd with a 28-24 record.
Toronto claimed 4th with a 20-32 record. Halifax hit rock bottom this year, they had a terrible record of 16-36. Everybody wanted Michigan to win it all
in the Championship. They wanted the underdog team that was last place for 3 years to dethrone the reigning Champs. For 3 periods, it looked like it might
happen. The Blizzards had stuck with the Saints and went into OT tied at 2. At 11:03 PM, on March 7th, 1939 the puck dropped to start overtime.
At 11:04 the Saints scored. Only 48 seconds off the draw Montreal had won it.Michigan's miracle season was now over, and the next season had just started.
Ken Grudy, center for Montreal, scored the goal and won MVP.
1938-1939 Standings
1. Montreal
2. Michigan
3. Kingston
4. Toronto
5. Halifax
Champion: Montreal (2)
MVP: C, Ken Grudy
No uniform changes were made this year.
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In the offseason, the NAPHL welcomed 2 new teams: The Manitoba Owls, and the St. Paul Eagles. Neither team had great seasons this year. With the expansion

came a new postseason format. Instead of the top 2 teams in the championship there was now a playoff. The 1 and 4 team palyed 1 game to decide a spot in the title
game and so did the 2 and 3 team. There was no series' to decide the winner, just one game. Michigan was 1st at 33-19. Toronto 2nd at 29-24. Halifax 3rd at 26-26.
Montreal 4th with a 21-31 record. St.Paul barely missed the playoffs with 20-32 record. Kingston was 6th at 15-37. Manitoba was last at 12-40. The playoffs
resulted in Halifax and Michigan in the championship and Halifax won the game 6-4 to win their 4th title.
1939-1940 Standings and Playoffs
1. Michigan
2. Toronto
3. Halifax
4. Montreal
5. St. Paul
6. Kingston
7. Manitoba
Champion: Halifax (4)
MVP: D, Dan Poyner
Uniform Changes
Montreal ditched their stale look to something more attention grabbing and modern.
St. Paul's expansion team had green and blue uniforms to start their history
Manitoba was a last minute expansion team that only had about 2 months to get a name and uniforms, they will change the look next year.
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