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Memphis Grizzlies Logo Concept (Updated: 6/21)


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Hey everyone, I haven't done a concept on the boards for a while. Took some time off of designing to move to Phoenix, Arizona. But I wanted to do an update to some of the NBA's primary logos. This week, I'm working on the Memphis Grizzlies logo.

When I look across the NBA, I noticed that a lot of teams are using red and blue. I wanted to stray away from that in this concept because when I think of an identity, I think of something going again the status quo. Especially with multi-million dollar franchises, you'd think they want to make their mark in the league.

For the Memphis Grizzlies, I wanted to make an intimidating grizzly bear seem a little more in this world. A blue bear with yellow eyes seems alien. So I tried to tackle this by looking at the team's history and revisiting the past with their colors back when they were the Vancouver Grizzlies.

Without further ado...


Let me know what you think. I'm sure there is a lot of room for growth within this concept. I would appreciate all criticism and comments.

Thanks for looking!

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First of all, that grizzly head epitomizes the "grit and grind" character. Nice job on that. Also, what a better way to make an improvement to the Grizzlies identity by making a nod to one of the most unique color combos in sports history.

Here are my nitpicks:

1. Though the eyes w/o the pupils might be menacing, IMO, I think that the grizzly's eyes should have pupils, creating an imagery of looking for its prey.

2. Teal grizzly fur? How I wish that the grizzly fur should have been brown, but it still depends on you. Also, the furs should have proper shading, to emulate the real ones.

3. You might consider adding black as an accent color.

Again, these nitpicks are just suggestions. It still depends on you, since you have your own creative juices. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to give me some tips! I think the common consensus here is:

- Add Shading and thicken the lines.

- Add Pupils

- Change the color of the fur

- Possibly use Black

I'm going to research how to add pupils without it making the logo too cartoony and experiment with different colors for the fur to make it less like a minty alien bear. In my honest opinion, I think black would work in this concept because it adds to the teal/mint colors.

After I'm done with this primary logo, I'll be working on a secondary logo.

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Alright I'm Back with some changes to the primary logo. I took all the critisms to heart and it's hard to choose between the three.


So what I did here was add a bit of shadowing and some pupils. Also I used a brownish orange for the first bear. Second bear I chose the current colors of the Grizzlies and added another shade of blue for shadowing. Third bear I chose similar colors to the Vancouver Grizzlies. Did not want to use black because I just black is overused in sports logos in general. I just wanted to use colors that would appear in the team's identity here. It's challenging for sure, but I think overall it's better without the use of black. Tell me what you guys think!

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I like the brown one with the teal outline, only because it ties in with the original look, and it's a bit more intimidating than a teal bear.

Vancouver really had a great color scheme, and it was a little out of place in Memphis, but I still wish they'd bring it back.

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Huge improvement, however there is one area that is really bugging me about this logo:

It just looks awkward.

the space between?


I do see that its a bit awkward. I may have to do another revision after I finish the secondary logo. Good eye though. Thanks for letting me know

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