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SSmith48's Paint Soccer Templates


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Hey guys-

Now, I really have been looking for a new Paint soccer template, but most of them just don't have the variety or detail I want. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I looked at the kits on the sportlogos.net main site, and transferred one of them over to paint. I filled in colored spots with white, changed the color to a grey that I think is dark enough it will show up on black, but won't be drained out by other shade of grey. I got rid of some details I thought unnecessary to make easier to work with. Now, before I release the rest of these, I wanted to show off a finished Puma product:


I did get rid of the logos for Puma, because I thought them to tedious to do, but I think you could probably put new ones on in places you prefer. Logos for other companies will stay. This uniform was taken from a Czech Republic kit from 2014. Now, C&C is appreciated before I release the others, which will include Nike and Adidas, and maybe in the future, I will release some custom templates. Thanks for you time!

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