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New Payday Logo?


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I know it's not the most liked candy bar out there, but I'm a fan... So I became that guy taking pictures of Payday's in the kitchen at the office.

The bottom is the old logo that's been around forever. The top is one I have not seen before. (I should note that these new logo'd ones were just stocked around lunch time today.) I can't find anything about a new logo and the site still shows the old.


Your thoughts on the logo? On the candy bar itself?

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Weird that the first Y doesn't seem to have a top right serif, but the second Y does. The D doesn't have a top left serif, but has a bottom left serif.

The more I look at the old wrapper, the less I like it - but that doesn't mean I particularly like the new one. The "Peanut Caramel bar" font on the old/bottom one is distracting.

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I like PayDay bars but I haven't seen the other logo. Maybe it's an experiment like what Kraft did for a short time.


Oh yeah I forgot about Kraft short lived logo just like when Kodak changed their logo remember the rainbow K.

As for PayDay it ok but I liked the old one better.

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