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Arizona Coyotes Concept


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Hey everyone!

This is my first post on this site. Comments, criticism, and help of any kind would be appriciated.




After the horrendous uniforms the Coyotes released at the NHL draft, that inspired me to make a concept simplifying and improving the franchise's look. The first thing I wanted to fix was the logo. If you have a logo that prominently features a color, don't you think you should somehow incorporate that color in the striping? I fixed that pet peeve of mine by simply replacing the desert tan with white. The jerseys themselves are inspired by the Pittsburgh Penguins' third jersey. I chose to go with no helmet logo for the simple fact that my images kept getting too pix elated to make out.

Like I said before, comments, criticism, and help would be a warm welcome!

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Both concepts are a huge improvement over the mess that was released last Friday. Still I think the concept was better before adding the rounded yokes. On a positive note, making brick the primary colour was a step in the right direction.

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Personally, I like the yokes it gives them more force and makes them less static, but what I don't like on this amazing work is that it looks like the coyote is balancing the C on his nose but I can't figure out a solution...

The third one is a nice piece of history and fits with the coulors but I'd cut two of the rows (well done that the squares are turned! Better than the old style but still a connection to the origins of the design)

Sorry for my bad english...

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