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Argentina advances to Copa America finals wearing white shorts


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Argentina generally wears black shorts with their primary Argentina blue/white striped jerseys. I think they wore blue shorts once (that I know of) and won a few years back.



In 2014, they wore white shorts instead of black (due to their interpretation of FIFA rules?) and did great in group play and knockout stage, but then in the semifinal they switched back to black shorts and ended up with a tie and having to settle the game in a PK shootout.



They did not wear their primary in the final against Germany and lost.


This year, they've been wearing white shorts and have advanced to the Copa America finals. Does anyone know what the team's record while wearing white shorts? I realize this isn't something like the "Duck tracker" that Paul Lukas runs over at Uni Watch, but just curious if perhaps white shorts reflect heat better and improves performance, if ever so slightly. If nothing else, I just wanted to know, out of curiousity.

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