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What if the White Sox still wore shorts? (Hand-drawn concepts)


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Ah, that magical summer of 1976 when Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck thought it would be a good idea to put a team of grown men in softball shorts.

Rumors that the White Sox will be throwing back to their '76 unis this month inspired me to explore what might have happened had those shorts actually caught on. The concepts below depict the three distinct White Sox looks post-1976 as softball uniforms. You'll notice that the '87-90 and '90-present uniforms are now pullovers.

The concepts are hand-drawn onto a soccer uniform template to which I just added caps.

C&C appreciated!


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The irony is that those 76-82 uniforms were sooooo close to being amazing. The shorts, the disco collars, the untucked shirts were all just gimmicks that ruined an excellent retro style uniform. Picture them as straight v-neck, tucked in pullovers and it becomes a classic.

That's because the '76 uniforms were a disco-fied version of the uniforms they wore in the early 1900s.

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