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My families pub & kitchen logo

Dexter Morgan

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It looks as though the 1798 is aligned to the person. Both would need to be rotated a few degrees up; it's fine if he's looking slightly upward.

Some things to try:

-try the 1798 below the person.

-try 17 on one side of him, the 98 on the other.

-leave the 1798 as is, and put "Est." or "ESTD" on the left side.

None of these are necessarily better, just different ways of approaching the same problem.

BTW: Love the color pallet!

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, though it's a little late to make any changes. I actually posted the wrong logo, the date was removed. For the record, 1798 isn't an establishment date. It's year Wolfe Tone died. Establishment date is actually 2015. Only been open a few months.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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