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2015 CFL Uniforms


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I guess we can now say goodbye to Winnipeg's gold road jersey (I will miss it.) and goodbye to the superhero Signature Jerseys with a logo on the front. (Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg and Ottawa.) Ottawa's was terrible, though I would have liked to see them sport the plaid helmet for one game. BC and Calgary's thirds were decent, and Hamilton and Toronto have awesome main jerseys. Saskatchewan's jerseys are all abominations that need to burn.

If they try putting Saskatchewan's design on the Primeknit body it might be the first time adidas improves a jersey.

I just wish they would switch to their throwbacks. They wear them every year and they are so nice and so much better than the other crap they have been wearing and don't even get me started on that hideous green/neon cluster you know what of a trainwreck.
Oh, hell yes. This is probably one of my favorite football uniforms ever:


It needs to be worn full time. End of story.

I totally agree won't surprise me if they do with Adidas next year.

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In all honesty, I'm a fan of the new logo. It's look is pretty simple, I like the shape & the font is pretty nice.

I don't like the the leaf being so small, nor do I like the top. The stitches on the ball being only 3 cuz "3 down football" is kinda stupid.

The real issue is that this logo is going to be phased out quickly. It doesn't have that timeless feel to it. That football helmet one was close, but not ideal either.

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Unfortunately, the adidas template is very bad for those shoulder stripes. See UCLA as proof.

If they use the template Michigan has it can work.

I think it will work.

We'll just have to wait and see I guess

Michigan is using an older template, and there's no way adidas will outfit the league in anything other than its newest stuff. Which, if history is any guide, won't be good for UCLA-style stripes.

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Ottawa wore their Signature uniform pants with their white away jersey in tonight's Grey Cup. Have they done this before?


No, it's new. It's also the first time they've gone black helmets with the white jersey.
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Yeah, I hate it when championship events don't have jersey patches. Drives me nuts. But, I suppose they don't because of crowding with the jersey ads.

Which is one of the primary reasons I hate jersey ads.

I like what Arena League does. They'll sacrifice a sponsor for the game patch or move them around. NFL Europe would place the game patch on a sleeve and the hip.
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The CFL did have the game patch on before 2001









1996 Didn't have one but they wore the "radically Canadian patch"

1998 I'm sure had one and 1992 did, I just couldn't find a clear picture of it.

2002 opted for the "NEW" (at that time and always in our hearts) logo in both French (Montreal) and English (Edmonton) with either a Molson export patch or Molson Canadian

and in 2004 Ottawa wore the patch of the 92nd Grey Cup that they were hosting that year

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1996 Didn't have one but they wore the "radically Canadian patch"


How come I can see the pixels on the numbers for that above pic irl?

And I'm requesting a full image of that "radically Canadian patch" haha.

I'm seeing the Image fine, anyways here is the Radically Canadian patch:


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