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Michigan Returning To Nike


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Thank you, Based God.

Hopefully this well prevent more basketball recruits from dropping their commitment to us, once we show them all the Jordans they'll be receiving.

Yeah, I love the Jordan deal for basketball. I'm jealous my school doesn't have that.

Michigan has my favorite classic look in football. I'm excited to see what Nike does for them. They will look fantastic if they just keep it simple.

I posted this on the general thread but I love the way the maize swoosh looks on the blue background.


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I never thought Michigan was ever an "adidas school". Some of em like Texas A&M, Louisville and even I thought Tennessee all just worked with adidas for some reason for me (maybe just the stripes I don't know). But Michigan always should've had good OL Nike

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Miami you are on the clock to ditch Adidas and return to Nike.

Being a private school, Miami always thinks in terms of $$$$$ first. Adidas paid more than Nike and UA were willing to...simple as that. Until Miami's football program returns to being a powerhouse like it used to be, I don't think Nike or UA will top what Adidas is giving them.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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