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DC Comics Football Helmets


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Inspired by a couple of the Marve/NFL helmets & uniform concepts, here are my versions of DC NFL Football helmets. I used the Riddell Speedflex by Darth Brooks. The logos were various ones found on the internet. The wallpaper backgrounds are mine (lol). Hope you guys like these.

Any C&C is welcome.



Batman v1


Batman v2


Green Lantern






...more to come

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Thes are great man

Are you putting stripes on any helmets?

Thanks for the compliment.

I wasn't going to use any stripes for a couple of reasons. 1st was being a side view or the helmet. 2nd, and this is probably the most important reason, I suck at trying to make stripes on helmets. lol.

Imo, the Batman v1 helmet needs a glossy finish, but other than that these look really good.

Thanks. The way I'm looking at them, the Batman v1 does have a glossy finish to it, but that could just be how I'm seeing it. I may try a few things with it and post an update later.

I like the Batman v.2. It's different but I still know it's Batman.

Thanks. The Batman v2 is a take on the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie.

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Captain Marvel btw not Thunder lol

ha ha. Yeah. I was wondering if this was going to trip anybody up. This is more of a take on his Captain Thunder version from one of the alternate universes. But yeah, same dude.

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My problem with these is that they're very cookie cutter. It's a well-rendered and presented concept, but I don't see any creativity. Color on the shell, color on the mask, paste a logo on it and you're done.

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Firestorm, Atom, Captain Atom, Plastic Man, All Lantern Corps, Hawkman, Steel, Cyborg, Metal Men, Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, Challengers of the Unknown, many others.

Good Suggestions. I'll see what I can do with them. Thanks!

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I love these! I love them so much that when you are done with DC I'd love to see a MARVEL set!

Thanks. A couple of guys have done some MARVEL concepts on here already, so I don't know really what I could bring different to the party, but I may see what I can come up with. There's a big DC roster to go thru first.

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