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Beginner's Fictional Basketball Concepts (NBA 2k14 concepts)


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So, I'm a long time lurker here and decided to have my hand at creating a few fictional teams. I tend to gravitate towards football concepts, but had the idea of creating my teams in a video game, and with there being no recent football PC game, I turned to basketball.

I want to create 30 teams to replace the NBA teams in-game, but I know I probably won't get that far. Nonetheless I have concept locations and team names for most of the 30.

A few things first, the uniforms will be a bit rough as it's my first time doing this, and also my first time using GIMP, meaning the logos won't be great either. I'm also using paint.net and Microsoft Photo Essentials 2006 (something like that). Also I'm taking a bit of inspiration from the influx of circular logos for NBA teams, and will be making all of the logos circular. (1. Because I like the design. 2. I'm lazy and it makes it a bit easier.)

First team!




So, at the moment I only have the primary aways finished. But I hope/imagine that creating the homes won't be too much more difficult than a color change, and that a yellow alternate wouldn't be too difficult either.

Thanks for any thoughts/criticism! (PS, also I'm very sorry about the horrible color match-up of the Tridents vs the Clippers there, I was testing the color blue I was using.)

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How much freedom on the unis does that game give you? It may be hard to make concepts with little to work with. I like it tho, does need, A modern update. It honestly might just be the colors too

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How much freedom on the unis does that game give you? It may be hard to make concepts with little to work with. I like it tho, does need, A modern update. It honestly might just be the colors too

Since I'm editing the uniform files I can do most anything to the uniforms. The only problems are moving the numbers around and changing the font of the Name on Back.

Also I think the colors may be part of the problem, I really struggled trying to find a combination that worked. I think I may try deepening the blue to see how it looks.

Edit: I've also thought about changing the yellow to more of an orange, but didn't like the way it looked in the logo.

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Quick recolor, haven't messed with the numbers or the logo yet. I think the darker color does look better, but it isn't a large difference.


Yellow Alternates!


These I really like, I think I may use these as the default homes and have the whites as an alternate similar to how the Lakers use them!

Next up is probably a refresh of the Cincinnati Royals, I may jump to something else though!

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If I can ask, how are you making these jerseys in 2k?

Well, I'm editing the actual textures of the jerseys and overwriting the original iff files (which are the files the game reads) using 3DM mod tool to import the textures. For example, these are based off a couple 90's era Rockets uniforms, and here's the texture for the jersey alternate!


Also here's a couple very rough concepts for the Royals' logo. The second is obviously based off the original, and the first... needs some work. I may go with the second if I can figure out how to create it. Also I'm planning on putting the Cincinnati skyline behind the crown, which hopefully will look good!


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What version of the game are you using ?

These are great I did the same with NBA Live 08

Using NBA 2k14 PC version!

Cincinnati Royals logo is nearing completion, I think I'm starting to get the hang of GIMP a bit. I thought I would change the colors to better fit the team's nickname, which I think turned out pretty well in the logo. I'm planning on keeping the uniforms fairly simple, maybe with a "Cincy" script on the aways? (Not sure how readable a Cincinnati script would be) Sorry I'm so slow at working on these!

I was trying to create all my logos as cirular badge types, but I haven't been able to figure out how to use this in that way yet, so I may alter that rule!


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Progress on the homes. I haven't touched the numbers nor the names but they're next! Not sure what font I'll use for those though, but that's the next step (Purple numbers is a probable). I think the collar needs touched up a bit (more gold), and I'll add the logo on either the side of the shorts or the waistband (where I want it, but I think it may be too small to show up).

I'm also thinking about moving the upside down crown ending of the stripes up a bit, I'd like to hear any suggestions or thoughts, thanks!


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