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Local Baseball Club Concept


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Hi guys. I've decided to give my local Baseball club a facelift. The current logo is a shambles but the unis are pretty decent. You can see the current logo here.

I'm mainly after some criticism about the Kookaburra. I was going for a Tottenham Hotspur silhouette logo look, but something seems off about it.









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It's a good start, but I think what's throwing me off are some proportion issues with the bird itself. Its head looks unnaturally boxy. The highlight at the back of the head makes it read like that's all part of the head, and so the head appears to be about as tall as the rest of the body. I think if you took a bit of artistic liberty and used more of the kookaburra's natural colouring for the yellow highlights rather than what might be lit up if the light were coming from a constant source, then it would read as a bird a lot better.

The work with the text and the interlocking GB is very nice.

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I agree that the bird has proportion issues. I actually think the head shape is fine, real kookaburras are fairly boxy. I think the body needs to be thicker, like officeglenn said, it looks really top heavy. The shadowing needs some work as well. Finally, I think either the bird or the bad should be rotated slightly, if a bird was perched on a bat, it could never be parallel with it because of the positioning of its feet. Look at the St. Louis Cardinals for a good bat/bird angle.

You have a very good start though, and it's definitely a massive improvement over the current logo.

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This is a great identity. I think what's throwing me is the highlights on the bird are a little too large if you're excluding details from the rest of the bird's body. I think if they were thinned out a bit it would give it the sleak silhouette look of Tottenham. That or highlight just one portion of the bird. Good look overall.

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Thanks for the input guys. I've tried to consider all the criticism, especially Spartan's and Officeglenn's. I've given the body some more weight and added a few minor (I hope) improvements .


The new one is on the left.

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