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NHL Uni Redesigns -- SJ Sharks revamped (added 7/5/17)

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So I felt my last San Jose design had way too much going on. I've toned it down a bit. Gave them a more classic look. Tried to pay homage to their original look. I've removed all traces of orange (except in the logo) and went with a teal, black and silver scheme. I've also introduced a charcoal colored alternate. Those silver jerseys back in the day were pretty unique. Instead of going full silver, I've darkened it to a charcoal color. I think it really makes the other colors pop.


Also, would love to get some feedback on my other updates to Winnipeg, VGK, and Anaheim. Thanks as always! Hope you enjoy!


Home Sweater


Away Sweater


Charcoal Alt


Black Alt


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