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NHL Uni Redesigns -- SJ Sharks revamped (added 7/5/17)

Philly's Phinest

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The Habs are such a difficult team to do a concept for. How do you honestly improve upon that red jersey... or the 40's based white, with the blue stripe for that matter. That being said, I'm not feeling the absence of the two thin hem stripes. I know that if you added them, the concept wouldn't be any different from the existing uniforms but it still results in a downgrade. Hardly your fault though, you can't improve upon perfection ;)

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I'm with everyone else on the habs tail stripes, but I also can't really get behind the white away numbers. However I really like the idea of the 40s style away, I've always preferred it to their current one.

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Alright so, after a few comments, I've decided to keep the tail stripe on the Habs and virtually leave them untouched. I think I was trying to change for the sake of change. However, they're just one of those teams that shouldn't. I'll post the update at the end of the series with all of the jerseys.

Anyway...I'm back after a long hiatus. Just haven't had time with work and being away on business. While I was away (in Nashville coincidentally), I started working on the Predators. I was also lucky enough to catch a game vs the Hawks while I was there in early December. Great experience all around. I'll start off by saying that I do really like Nashville's currently look and there isn't a whole lot I changed. Just a few minor tweaks. So without further ado...

21/32 -- Nashville Predators

Home Sweater:

Alright, so for the home, I've decided to keep the yellow primary. I think it's unique and Nashville actually pulls it off on the ice. One major change was the removal of the piping. I think we can all agree that had to go. I've also removed the blue accent right below the collar. It worked with the piping, but just looked out of place when you remove it. I love the guitar pick logo and have added it to both shoulders as the secondary. They're a little on the larger side and I feel it helps balance out all of the yellow. Sleeve striping is very similar with the exception of the white being a bit wider for some more contrast. Lastly, I kept the font. Again, it's unique and I think works well with the look.


Away Sweater:

Very much like the home, except white becomes primary as usual. Similarities have been predominantly carried over from the home with one major change. Since yellow is the primary for the Preds, I felt as though they should carry that into their away look. Their current away features the blue on the end of the sleeves with a little yellow. That's great and all, but I feel like it needs more yellow. So, in my update below, I did a little reversal.


2 Alternates:

I do have a blue alternate and a second alternate in the works. They'll be posted this week. I just wanted to get back into action and get some feedback here. It's been quite some time since I've made a post.

Anyway, as always, hope you enjoy! C&C is always appreciated.

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Great job with the Preds. As a lifelong Preds fan (they are about a year younger than I am), I was very happy when we decided to take Gold as our main color, and what you did with your designs are spot on. I'm excited to see what kind of alternates you break out. Keep up the good work.

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On 1/19/2016 at 11:11 AM, tigerslionspistonshabs said:

You made Nashville perfect. They've got good unis, but that piping really knocks it down. You cleaned it up perfectly. Nice job. I'm not a fan of the Habs one though, so I'm looking forward to see what you've done.

Thank you! I may have the Habs up sooner before the end of the series. Just depends on how much free time I have.

On 1/19/2016 at 0:08 PM, TCutt said:

Great job with the Preds.  As a lifelong Preds fan (they are about a year younger than I am), I was very happy when we decided to take Gold as our main color, and what you did with your designs are spot on.  I'm excited to see what kind of alternates you break out.  Keep up the good work.

Thanks, greatly appreciated!

23 hours ago, CanucksFan said:

Love what you did with Nashville. So glad the piping is gone. It looks so much more sleek and less busy now. Can't wait to see the alternates. Glad you're back!

It's good to be back! Thanks for the kind words

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Sorry for the delay! I've been really busy as of late. Here is the blue alternate for the Preds. It has sort of an old school Blues vibe to it. I went with a 6 stripe sleeve pattern to mimic the back numbers as well as representing guitar strings. For the alt, I decided to use the NP logo on the shoulders. I debated doing offset shoulders with one NP and one guitar pick, but I decided against it. I really debated other ideas, but I always kept coming back to the guitar string theme. Let me know what you think!


Also, taking requests on which team you'd like to see next! First request wins it. Options are...Hawks, Avs, Jackets, Wings, Oilers, Devils, Islanders, Rangers, Flyers, Sharks (keep in mind that a few of these may have very minor changes as opposed to an overhaul. I'll try to bring a cool alternate to the table for those with minor changes)




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