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Atlanta Thrashers Concept


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This is a concept for the now defunct Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL. In thier tim,e, the thrashers had some okay uniforms, But they definitely had thier share of terrible ones too. This concept is what I think they should have done with thier uniforms. I brought back the triangle pattern from the original jerseys and used the t bird logo on the front becasue I just prefer it oveer the other logo. The third is similar to the god awful baby blue jersey they used to wear but has the trignle pattern running down the arms instead of the city name. I am very new to this template so tell me how my execution is and just how the concept looks. C@C greatly appreciated. Without further ado, here it is


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Looks solid, but something is off on the home jersey. But I can't put my finger on what it is...

It's too dark, it needs a little bit of white to offset all the dark colors. Or perhaps more baby blue or gold could work, but white is probably the simplest option.

In short, needs to be brightened.

I really like the concept though. If they had something more like this rather than the cluster of an identity the real team had, maybe they'd still be there.

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7 minutes ago, BelieveInBlueland said:

I think the home numbers should be red with a gold outline. Other than that, these are nice.


This thread has been dead since July of last year. Leave it be.

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