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I'm personally a huge fan of the concept. Love the 21st century rocket look, and the billowing clouds created at takeoff. I think the gold one works(pre-update) as long as it's on the red uni, and the red one would work on a white or gold shirt/kit. I really hope they eventually adopt this. It would instantly become my favourite.

Like ^ this guy said, Image quality needs some work and some lines need to be smoothed out, also just one suggestion - try changing the trim on the housten rockets type face so that it's gold. I think I'd need to see it to say if it worked, but it seems worth a try.

Final request - try to just take the H and R from houston rockets and blow them up so its just HR in the red billowing cloud. I think it would look really sharp.

That all being said, I absolutely love it.

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Sorry for the long wait without an update. I've made some slight changes to the primary logo in that the shadow is now gold and that the curved lines are now much more neat. The jerseys have been changed as well for my original designs were a little bit too dated for today's NBA. The new jerseys now feature a side detail that is somewhat similar to the Rockets' current alternate jersey. I've also added a new number font to the design. Also by request of one of the users, I've created a new secondary logo design. Here are the new designs.

Primary Logo:


Secondary Logo:


Home Jersey:


Road Jersey:


Alternate Jersey:


C & C appreciated!

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