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Las Vegas Aces NHL Expansion


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I created this Las Vegas NHL Expansion concept before I heard the news that Las Vegas is going for the name Black Knights. I had a better idea for Aces anyway. I got the idea for the primary logo from a different concept I saw, but I added the Vegas star into the spade. I'm more proud of the logos then the uniforms, so any C&C on it, especially the jerseys, would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also, all the help I have received for posting the direct picture has not been too helpful. I'm working on a Macbook, and the site claims that the image extension isn't supported. If someone could help with that, that would be awesome.

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I agree that maybe you could consider changing the font. It does make it seem a little baseball-esque.

The primary logo is a tad busy. You may want to think about defining the text 'Aces' more by having a more pronounced yellow outline. I think the spade is kinda cool as a logo on its own actually without Aces over it. Maybe with a puck going through it or something.

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The proportions on the LV sign star are wrong. The front 4-point part is actually taller than it is wide. Just check a google image search to see what I'm referring to. It should be an easy fix.

I also agree the font screams Reno Aces so it would be a good idea to change it.

Lastly the LV gets lost in the star when viewed as a small image. The colors are too similar even with an outline. So just play around with the color combos until the LV stands out

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