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Another (slightly less) lazy NLL rebrand: The Saskatchewan Rush


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First the Swarm moved from Minnesota to Georgia, without bothering to change up their look apart from sticking a different location name on their logos and unis.

Now it's the newly crowned league champions' turn. This week the erstwhile Edmonton Rush announced a move one province over, to Saskatoon, where they are now known as the Saskatchewan Rush. The Rush unveiled their new logo in a promotional video on their new Web site, and as you can see, they didn't just pull a Swarm by slappping "Saskatchewan" where "Edmonton" had been. Nosiree, Bob. They changed the secondary color from silver/gray to a kind of sickly green, then slapped "Saskatchewan" where "Edmonton" had been.

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Not sure where you are getting that from.

Out of 9 teams (in 2015) the Rush were 3rd last (behind Rochester who has a much small arena) and the Swarm were right in the middle of the pack with 4 teams above and 4 below. (see numbers below)

Regardless the green makes sense, following the 'riders and using green. Even if it is a completely different shade of green.

Colorado 14,787
Buffalo 14,316
Calgary 11,642
Toronto 10,011
Minnesota 8,699
Rochester 7,051
Edmonton 6,578
New England 3,914
Vancouver 3,734

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I sense some serious sour grapes about this whole Georgia Swarm thing. There's nothing wrong with bringing arguably the league's best identity (I'm not even sure what all the teams look like, I just know the Swarm have the only NLL jersey I've seems that I've cared for) when it had nothing to do with the local city. Was there any relevance to insects and St. Paul, Minnesota?

Albeit the name is horrible, what on earth do you call an individual player, a Swarm? You can't individualize it. The same thing with the Rush, however everything about their identity is horrendous.

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