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NHL All Star Game Anaheim Concepts

D3 Designs

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For this concept I decided to create what a potential All Star Game would look like if hosted in the O.C. For this match up we see the third entry of the Ryan v.s. Ryan Series as Ryan Getzlaf (Black) and Bobby Ryan (Grey) captain the two All Star Teams. Props to Phil Beck for coming up with the idea of using grey and black as the two primary colors. The jerseys also feature striping patterns that mimic the striping of previous Ducks jerseys. The straight angled stripes to represent the Mighty Ducks era and the curved piping to emulate the teams current look. Let me know what you guys think. Also be sure to check out WORLD of JERSEY CONCEPTS on instagram. Their you'll find concepts created by myself and three other artists. We just started up and would love some feedback.


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I definitely remember these. This design beat my Manitoba Moose concept in the HJC concept of the week back in May. The only thing I didnt care for was the design on the yoke. I just thought it was a unnecessary with the chevron like design on the edge of the shoulder. I liked the idea of the mix of the past and present, better than the ASG uniforms that they had this past year. Hope to see more stuff on HJC soon

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