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Nicknames for Players


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Damn it,I :censored: forgot what forum it was. My fault.

Here are some I created.

Marshawn Lynch:

The Invisible Man (after the Queen song)

Jayvlon Clowney:

The Clown

Paul George:

PG 13

Tim Duncan:

Tim Dunkin'

Duncan Donuts

You didn't make PG13 Paul George made it for himself and had his number changed to match it.
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How bout a GM?

Ruben Amaro = Ruin Tomorrow

Other current local ones:

Ryan Howard = The Big Piece

Jeff Francour = Frenchie

Carlos Ruiz = Chooch

Mike Giles = 100-miles Giles (self named - doesn't really count)

Claud Giroux = G (hockey players are the least creative)

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Pavel Datsyuk- Magic Man

Jonathan Toews- Captain Serious

Henrik Lundquist- The King (Henrik)

Roberto Luongo- Bobby Lu

Teemu Selanne- Finnish Flash

Pavel Bure- Russian Rocket

Maurice Richard- The Rocket

Dominik Hasek- The Dominator

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Pat Verbeek - little ball of hate

Andre "Moose" Dupont

Bob "Battleship" Kelly

Dave "The Hammer" Schultz

Yvan Cournoyer - The Roadrunner

Frank "Never" (changed to "Seldom") Beaton

Glenn "Chico" Resch

Dave "Tiger" Williams

Roger Neilson - Captain Video

Fred "The Fog" Shero

Lorne "Gump" Worsley

Fred "Cyclone" Taylor

Igor Larionov - The Professor

Lionel Conacher - The Big Train

John "Pie" McKenzie

Esa Tikkanen - The Grate One

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