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Calgary Flames refresh


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I haven’t posted on here in a long time, but this little design was sitting on my desktop and.. I guess I miss the days of posting on the concepts forum way-back-when!

The Flames have so much potential because their red/yellow color scheme is so distinct in the NHL. However, the current design decisions of mostly placing yellow stripes next to white stripes has always puzzled me— the yellow gets lost, and kind of goes to waste.

The unis have other obvious issues, though. The reebok template is dated, and it never looked great in the first place with the piping that abruptly ends. The flags on the shoulders should be a nice nod to the region, but the way they end up looking are a miss.

I didn’t want to touch the logo at first, but I ended up messing with it a bit, just to fit the overall style and to turn the double-outline in to more of a dynamic fiery motif trailing behind the C. The shoulder logo is a play on the crest at the middle of the Alberta flag (flames at the bottom instead of wheat, though.)

Sometimes, I kind of like it when there are inconsistencies from home to road uniform, as long as it’s clear that the two are part of the same set. So the striping choices on the white jersey, those are on purpose. Look no further than most of the original 6 team's unis for examples of inconsistencies that actually work. I wanted the color hierarchy to be red/yellow come first, then black.. black is mostly found in the pants. The arm and waist striping all has that little curved patch of color detail, that just plays off of the curved flame shapes in the fire of the logo itself

Included some random alternate designs as well.

One clearly inspired by the old Iginla era black unis, those were beauties. Decided to channel my inner Nike and make them graphite color while still including subtle black striping-- i dont know, i think charcoal could maybe work for a team named the Flames?

And what if they wore yellow pants in a uniform styled like that outdoor heritage game? I don’t know… i’m sure a lot of you fine people would hate it, but kind of like the rangers wearing all blue with red pants, the flames in all red with yellow pants, while gaudy, would just make you immediately know who is playing on the ice. Take a look at that last image to decide. Went full "barberpole" there in a bunch of places to reference that awesome Heritage uniform... Yes i know... looks like McDonalds...






Tell me what you think!


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The Alberta logo looks cool, but I think the flaming C misses the mark.

As for the uniforms, the striping looks odd and off-color nameplates always look terrible, even on professionally-designed uniforms.

But seriously, that Alberta logo is really cool looking.

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I agree. That Alberta logo is great. You could even partner up a Canadian flag on the other shoulder, to keep in line with the current flag compliment on the real-world jerseys.

I have always thought Graphite or Charcoal is a brilliant substitute for black on a Flames jersey. Predictably, my favorite of your jerseys is the graphite. The red/yellow alternate could work, but not with the yellow pants. Unless it's 1979.

I must admit, I'm not feeling the primary logo. The font and drop-shadow take away from the original. The multicolored flames could work if the font is changed.

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Good to see you back posting concepts, Elliott. Always enjoyed your work.

The primary logo is great, very modern, and since the Flames are a very young, fast team, it fits well.

There's a ton of potential in this set, but there's some things that could use a change. That coloured namebar and the bare numbers with no outline look odd to me, personally. The numbers especially, since they're a different colour than the rest of the elements on the back.

What if you tried doing a drop shadow on the numbers to match the primary logo?

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I agree that the shoulder patch logo is really cool.

The split in the primary logo between the flames and the C is too harsh. There is a cool idea in there by using the different colours in the flames, but you might need to push it a little further. Maybe the flames create the entire C rather than just protruding off the left of the C. This could be a nice way to push it to a new direction.

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As an Albertan and an Edmontonian, I object to changing the colours of the Alberta coat of arms, and to the use of it on a Calgary team. Edmonton, as capital, has the greater claim to using it, anyway. You spoke about the distinctive red and yellow, yet you continue to include black/graphite, which is where I think the Flames took a really wrong turn years ago. The black numbers on red provide poor contrast, and are hard to read from any distance.

Other than that, good work!

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