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2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk


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Green Bay also has a bit of an odd allure about it as well. It's Milwaukee, but it's also basically Packers heaven. It's the closest thing in the NFL to football in the south, and there are a lot of players who I think are drawn to that.

Chicago, for all intents and purposes, is just any other big city. It's an awesome city, no doubt, but not every trash can and park bench in the city is painted in Bears colors.

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The way the Patriots just punctured holes in the Chiefs' defense, field goals on the Chiefs' part aren't going to keep them in the game long. They've got to get 7 on the next drive, or this could get ugly.

Yes, I know it's only the 1st quarter and there's plenty of game left, but we've seen this before a few times. I'm afraid the Pats already have the Chiefs where they want them. I really hope I'm wrong though.

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Jeezus. Alex Smith is garbage. That pass wasn't even close to being catchable.

He's thrown some nice passes to the end zone...if this game were being played in the CFL. For a guy who supposedly doesn't have the arm to throw long, he sure isn't having any trouble over throwing his receivers.

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Several people I saw were going with kc, in foxboro, don't see how.

Because Gronk didn't just get a MRI on Thursday, he went to the hospital which is typically more serious than getting a shot, which could be done at the facility.

Then where was Chandler Jones' drug imitation of his of brother, Jon.

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Lol anyone who actually thinks Alex Smith is going to lead the comeback probably hasn't ever watched Alex Smith try to play quarterback.

That last KC possession, down 11 was embarrassing.

Run for 1 yard.

Pass behind the sticks for -1.


Don't fret Eagles, you're getting that back!

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