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2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk


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The refs in the Redskins-Panthers game have done an absolutely terrible job

Yeah, they've been awful for both teams, but the bad calls seem to be coming at the worst possible times for the Skins.
It almost seems like the refs are ensuring the Panthers stay unbeaten...

Not if the Panthers are beating the living snot out of the Redskins. The refs can only do so much.

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The Rams are legends at injuring people. Forsett got his arm snapped in 2 it appears.

This scumbag needs to be beaten within an inch of his worthless life.


It cant be a coincidence

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Watched the Broncos-Bears... how very Bears of them to play down to their opponent.

Alas, we have to watch them yet again on Thanksgiving. At least the other 2 games should be fun tv.

Meanwhile, at Rob Ryan's house...

“Everything in New Orleans is being blamed on me, including [Hurricane] Katrina,”

That's an actual quote btw*

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My five big things to say:

1. Cam Newton is the best quarterback to have in the NFL. He's young and good.

2. The Vikings are better than the Packers. (I don't care what happens in the game rn)

3. The Patriots are not good enough to get another Super Bowl win.

4. The Seahawks are not a better team than the New York Jets.

5. The best Running back in the league is Adrian Peterson, followed by Matt Forte.

My 5 bold predictions for the 2016 season (without seeing any free-agent stuff)

1. No Patriots in the Playoffs.

2. The Eagles fire Chip Kelly and end with less than 6 wins

3. The Jaguars will reach the Playoffs

4. The Cheifs will win the AFC West

5. The Packers will reach at least the conference championship

2015 Super Bowl- Brady vs. Newton. Dynasty vs. Destiny. Newton wins.

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