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2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk


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Welp... it'll be fun seeing Chip Kelly back in the college game!

I wonder, does he have to start over at a smaller school now? Are there enough ADs out there willing to make him the face of their program? Probably I guess.

It only takes one, and any program that is "down" enough to have to fire their head coach will gladly take him. Even if Chip Kelly doesn't work out back in college, that AD will have his feet out of the fire until such failure is self-evident.

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Dear Dallas Cowboy Fans Everywhere,

Romo's back and the team still blows. Shut the :censored: up and crawl back under your rocks until next August.


Citizens of Earth

Lot of hate for a terrible team? Besides, you know we terrible terrible people will be back in April for draft.

Stay classy!


A Cowboys Fan

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Still think GB/SEA will make it back to the NFC-CG. CAR/ARZ will go down in playoffs.

I don't. Green Bay has some issues on offense, and I kinda half expect the Hawks to miss the playoffs this year.

Agreed. It's about time everybody finally woke up to the idea that both Arizona and Carolina aren't going anywhere.

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