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Best Super Bowl uni matchups


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I'd say Rams-Titans, but I've never thought Tennessee's navy-over-white looked that good. Hmmm...

Redskins-Broncos looked pretty good---probably my favorite out of the four lopsided losses Denver suffered with their (awesome) old logo and uni set.

Bears-Pats I agree on. They both looked great.

I also agree on Redskins-Dolphins Part Deux (XVII) and Dolphins-Vikings. Also, how about Raiders-Eagles? I know Philly had too many sleeve stripes, but great colors, plus I think the Raiders look better in white than in black.

Bears-Colts looked good if a bit spartan. Bills-Giants too.


Love the look on Elway's face. (Voice of Bruce from "Family Guy"): "Hey there, Mr. 97. How y'all doin'? Nope, y'all ain't gon' tackle me. Tee-hee!"

Anyway, love that look for Atlanta, and Denver's is finally growing on me. lol

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