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The one photo that defines a player or career


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Saw this idea on Reddit while I was doing an image search for Ray Fosse. I thought it might be fun to give it a go here. The concept is simple - post a single picture of a player that you think more or less defines that player or that player's career. I think it could work for teams too.

For example:



This is the picture that led me to the Reddit thread.


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Terrific thread idea. This has the significant potential to derail into simply "iconic sports photos" but I think there's a difference, with (obviously) some overlap.

The one that immediately came to mind for me (49ers fan and all) was The Catch. Dwight Clark had a solid NFL career, but to most fans, he's "The Catch" and not much else. A bit of "one-hit wonderness" (see: David Tyree) helps a little, but obviously, legends can have one photo that defines their career as well...





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Todd Helton, this picture embodies the joy and passion he had for the game. Ultimately though some post WS pictures may better sum up the results of his career.


Mario Balotelli, this defines him as much as any picture has defined a player.


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Former England international Terry Butcher and his head wound.


The infamous Maradona hand of god goal


The Cantona kick on a Crystal Palace fan


October 1st 1977. Pele plays his last professional career game for the New york Cosmos


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