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The Best of College Nicknames and Mascots logos


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Looks like he could be an enemy in "Mega Man"

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From the CCSLC ECU expert, most people HATED the change to the new peedee (the right one) around here, the old one was 20 years old and was SO iconic.

......oh well. At least the old one's still our actual mascot

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Also, try to top the Rhode Island School of Design's mascot.

(Google it.)

So I'm a 10 year member, why have I never heard jokes about this before on this site? That alone should close this thread. That's the winner winner chicken dinner. Seriously.
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best of college cowboys mascot logo


It's crazy how they all use Pistol Pete.

I have noticed a similar thing with the "strutting" logos




And there are very similar ones here: https://www.pinterest.com/probablyjim/vintage-struting-sweater-college-mascots/

I'd kill for a Yorkie version of the sweatered mascot for my fantasy football team the Fighting Yorkies

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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