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Spalding NBA Team Mini Balls from the '90s


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When I was a kid I collected these Spalding mini basketballs. As far as I remember, they were widely available. I recently got them out of storage and decided to look for the ones I didn't have on the internet. I assumed they were a big nostalgia item and they would be all over eBay and various personal collection pages. So I was baffled to find that there was almost no trace of them anywhere. I searched a few different terms on eBay and Google Images and only found one of the actual balls that I owned (Sonics 2-panel) which was a worn out ball on Google Images from an eBay sale (the page for which didn't exist any more). I saw several more modern variations as well as a few special issue ones like a championship version, but that was it.

They went through two styles during the time I was collecting them (early to mid '90s). The first (my favorite) alternated colors every panel and showed the team logo on the panel below the Spalding logo in team colors. The second version (Mavs ball in the photo) alternated every two panels and had the Spalding logo in the back.


Does anyone own any of these, remember them or know of any sites that at least have photos?

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I had a Hornets ball with alternating panels. The box it came in had all the NBA logos on the side, and a picture of about 12 basketballs kind of in a pile or a bin. I always wanted to get the Rockets, Spurs, Lakers, and Timberwolves.

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