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Illinois University Alternate Jersey Concept


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This is a good starting point you have, but there's some things you need to change.

1.Side Detail: Make it White with a Blue outline. The gradient doesn't make sense the way you're using it.

2.The Collar: You should continue the side detail pattern (which wasn't bad, actually) onto the collar.

3.Piping: It doesn't make sense, my advice is to remove it all together.

4.Shoulder Stripes: Why are they white? Fill 'em in with blue then continue your pattern.

5.Number/"ILLINOIS" Font: This font looks a bit out of place. They use a different font on their current jerseys, which I think might be worth keeping.. I don't know the name of it off the top of my head, but it shouldn't be that hard to find. I also think it would look better if you kept the numbers and the "ILLINOIS" blue, but then outlined them in white. OR what you could do is throwback to their old wordmark (with the underline).

6.Logo on the collar: This is a detail you left out. Why? You could put their "I" logo there or make a new logo yourself and add it there. It looks bad when it's just a white circle.

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