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I have some names, not sure if they are there. I'd assume most of these would be




6ers (cricket type name)



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Here's some more:



Roughriders (one word)

Blue Bombers

Tiger Cats




Titan (no "s")

Screaming Eagles

Sea Dogs









Tigres (maybe nitpicking as it`s French for Tigers)

Fog Devils


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Random number gen and this. XD

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This isn't already a name of a team (as far as I know) but I always thought O2ers would be a neat name for a team based in Denver, or anywhere mountainous really.

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So a longggg time ago (2010) I ran across a couple threads to try to figure out what team names I should use in the EA NCAA Team Builder. This is their NCAA audio list of names with a couple of my revisions. Maybe they could help in ideas. This is an extremely long list and I tried to shrink it as much as possible. Since this is a thread for ideas, I hope these team names will help in gathering ideas. (Sorry for they Typos also). I did read the spread sheet in the OP and saw a couple of names in my list. I do apologize for that, but I do hope this helps anyways.


A: Admirals, Aggies, All-Americans, Alligators, All Stars, Alouettes, Ambassadors, Anchor Men, Angels, Anteaters, Antelopes, Argonauts, Armadillos, Avengers, Aztecs, Aardvarks, Aces, Acolytes, Acorns, Aliens, Alligators, Amazons, Ambush, American eagles, Americans, Amigos, Anacondas, Andies, Angoras, Annihilators, Antlers, Appleknockers, Applemen, Archers, Arcs, Agents, Argyles, Arrows, Arsenal, Artesians, Astros, Athenas, Athenians, Atlas, Athletics, Atoms, Adams, Auctioneers, Auggies, Avalanche, Avalanches, Aviators, Attack,

B: Badgers, Bald Eagles, Bandits, Bearcats, Bears, Beavers, Bees, Bengals, Big Green, Big Red, Bills, Bison, Black Bears, Black Bolts, Black Knights, Blackbirds, Blazers, Blitz, Blueberries, Blue Bombers, Blue Devils, Bluedevils, Blue Raiders, Bluejays, Bobcats, Boilermakers, Bolts, Bombers, Braves, Breakers, Brewers, Broncos, Busters, Broncs, Bruins, Buccaneers, Buckeyes, Buffaloes, Bulldogs, Bullets, Bulls, Butch, Badboys, Badnews, Bambies, Bananas, Bantams, Barbs, Barnstormers, Barrons, Baracudas, Barristers, Bats, Battlers, Battlin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Bishops, Beacons, Bells, Berries, Beware, Big (INSERT TEAM NAME), Billie goats, Biscuits, Bisons, Black (INSERT TEAM NAME), Blackwidows, Blackout, Blades, Blasts, Blasters, Blaze, Blink, Blitzkrieg, Blizzards, Blood hounds, Blue (INSERT TEAM NAME), Boa constrictors, Bombsquad, Bonackers, Bonnies, Boomerangs, Boomers, Bowmen, Boxers, Brahmas, Brickies, Bridgemen, Bridgers, Brigade, Britains, Browns, Bruisers, Bumblebees, Bubblers, Buckaroos, Buckin elks, Bucks, Bulldozers, Bunnies, Burgers, Burgundy (INSERT TEAM NAME), Burn, Butterflies

C: Cadets, Camels, Captains, Cardinals, Cavaliers, Chargers, Cherokee, Chiefs, Chippewas, Claymores, Clippers, Clowns, Cobras, Colonels, Colts, Comets, Commandoes, Commodores, Conquerors, Cornhuskers, Cougars, Cowboys, Coyotes, Crimson (INSERT TEAM NAME), Crocodiles, Crusaders, Cubs, Cyclones, Canalmen, Canaries, Canners, Cannonballs, Canoneers, Capitals, Capitols, Caravan, Castleguards, Caterpillars, Cavalry, Cavemen, Cedars, Ceebees, Celtics, Celts, Centaurs, Chaos, Chameleons, Chaparrals, Charmanders, Cheesemakers, Cheetahs, Chemists,, Cherrybombs, Chilipeppers, Chipmunks, Choctaws, Clash, Clerks, Cliffhangers, Clockers, Clovers, Coalers, Cobbers, Cobblers, Cogs, Commandos, Condors, Conquistadors, Continentals, Copper kings, Copperheads, Cornjerkers, Corporels, Corsairs, Cosmos, Crabbers, Cranes, Crescents, Crazy (INSERT TEAM NAME), Crickets, Criminals, Crossfire, Cruisers, Crush, Crushers, Cutters, Cyclones, Chicks, Corps, Cows,

D: Delta Devils, Demons, Deacons, Desperados, Destroyers, Devils, Dogs, Dolphins, Dragons, Ducks, Dutchess, Dukes, Daggers, Daisies, Dalmations, Daredevils, Dark (INSERT TEAM NAME), Darkhorses, Darts, Deacons, Defenders, Deltaforce, Democrats, Desert, Desert shield, Desert storm, Devastators, Devildogs, Devilrays, Devilpups, Diamondbacks, Diamonds, Diggers, Dinos, Dinosaurs, Diplomats, Dirt devils, Dirtbags, Disaster, Discoverers, Divers, Dobermen, Dodgers, Dogies, Dominators, Dons, Doughboys, Dragonslayers, Dragonflies, Dreadnaughts, Drifters, Drillers, Drive, Drovers, Dusters, Dutchmen, Dynamite, Dynamos, Dazzle, Ducks,

E: Eagles, Eels, Enforcers, Eskimos, Explorers, Express, Extreme, Earthquakes, Eclipse, Electric Eels, Electrics, Electrons, Eliminators, Elite, Elks, Emeralds, Engineers, Evangels, Evergreen, Executives, Explosion, Exporters, Exterminators, Extreme (INSERT TEAM NAME), Elves,

F: Falcons, Federals, Fighters, Fighting (INSERT TEAM NAME), Fire, Firebirds, Flames, Flyers, Freedom, Frogs, Fury, Flys, Fire Flies, Flashes, Fusion, Forts, Farmers, Fear, Feet, Fireants, Fireballs, Firebolts, Firestorms, Fishermen, Flame thrower, Flamin or Flaming (INSERT TEAM NAME), Floridians, Flyin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Fleet, Foothillers, Force, Forest rangers, Foresters, Friars, Fugitives, Furys, Fusion

G: Galaxy, Gamblers, Gamecocks, Gators, Generals, Giants, Gladiators, Gold, Golden (INSERT TEAM NAME), Gophers, Gorillas, Green Wave, Green (INSERT TEAM NAME), Greyhounds, Grey (INSERT TEAM NAME), Grizzlies, Gunslingers, Golden (INSERT TEAM NAME), Geese, Galaxies, Galloping (INSERT TEAM NAME), Gangsters, Geckos, Gentlemen, Ghostriders, Glaciers, G-men, Goats, Gobblers, Godzillas, Goblins, Gorlocks, Gothic Knights, Governors, Granite diggers, Grass rats, Grasshoppers, Grave diggers, Gray (INSERT TEAM NAME), Great Danes, Great whites, Greenies, Gremlins, Grenadiers, Grinches, Gryphons, Griffins, Gulls, Gunners

H: Hatchets, Hawkeyes, Hawks, Highlanders, Hilltoppers, Hitmen, Hogs, Hokies, Hoosiers, Horned Frogs, Hornets, Hurricanes, Huskies,  Hens, Hoppers, Hammerheads, Harbormen, Hardrockers, Harpooners, Harriers, Harvesters, Hatters, Haybalers, Haymakers, Heartbreakers, Heat, Heatwave, Herders, Hermits, Heroes, Herons, Herrons, Highclimbers, High voltage, Highwaymen, Hi-liners, Hillbillies, Hillcats, Hillclimbers, Hillers, Hippos, Hoboes, Honeybears, Honeybees, Honkers, Hooters, Horned toads, Horsemen, Hotshots, Howlers, Hoyas, Huffin' puffins, Humpback Whales, Huntsmen, Hurricane, Hustlers, Hustling or Hustlin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Hyperactive, Hyper (INSERT TEAM NAME)

I: Indians, Invaders, Ice (INSERT TEAM NAME) Ice breakers, Icestorms, Icemen, Iguanas, Illusion, Impact, Impalas, Imperials, Infection, Inferno, Inflictios, Ingots, Ink spot, Insanity, Inventors, Ironheads, Iron (INSERT TEAM NAME), Irrigators, Islanders

J: Jackets, Jaguars, Jayhawks, Jets, Jesters, Jokers, Juggernaughts, Jack Hammers, Jack rabbits, Jade tigers, Jaguar, Jaspers, Javelinas, Jazz, Jeeps, Judges, Jumbos, Junior, Justice, Junglemen, Jungle Cats, 

K: Kangaroos, Kings, Knights, Kickin mules, Kiwis, Killer bees, Killer whales, King cobras, Kingsmen, Knicks, Knightriders, Koalas, Komodo dragons, Kryptonite

L: Lakers, Lancers, Leopards, Liberty, Lions, Lobos, Longhorns, Lumberjacks, Lynx, Leathernecks, Lasers, Larvre, Labradors, Lady (INSERT TEAM NAME), Ladybugs, Lava (INSERT TEAM NAME), Lawmen, Lawyers, Lawless, Leaping (INSERT TEAM NAME), Legends, Lemmings, Lemondrops, Leopard tigers, Leopard Cats, Leprechauns, Lethal, Lizards, Lobsters, Locomotives, Loggers, Lords, Lucky, Luckycharms, Labrador Retrievers, 

M: Magic, Magicians, Mammoths, Masked Men, Maniacs, Marauders, Mariners, Marines, Marksmen, Marshals, Moon Men, Maulers, Mavericks, Midshipmen, Miners, Minutemen, Moccasins, Mohawks, Monarchs, Monsters, Mountain Lions, Mountaineers, Mummies, Musketeers, Muskets, Muskies, Mustangs, Mystic, Machs, Maples, Mapleleaves, Mean Green, Machine, Musty (INSERT TEAM NAME), Mighty (INSERT TEAM NAME), Maccabees, Maddogs, Mad hatters, Mages, Magics, Maidens, Majors, Manatees, Manta rays, Mantis, Maple Leaves, Marauding or Maraudin'  (INSERT TEAM NAME), Marcos, Marlins, Maroon (INSERT TEAM NAME),  Madness, Monkeys, Marshmen, Martians, Mastodons, Matadors, Mean (INSERT TEAM NAME), Machinists, Mechanics, Medics, Mercenaries, Mercury, Meteors, Mets, Midgets, Midnight express, Midnight madness, Midnight rage, Mighty (INSERT TEAM NAME), Millennium, Millionaires, Milkmen, Missionaries, Moguls, Mongooses, Monks, Monsoons, Moundbuilders, Mounders, Mountain (INSERT TEAM NAME), Muddogs, Mudbugs, Mules, Mystic knights, Mutants, Mystics

N: Nittany Lions, Norsemen, Nasties, Nasty, New (INSERT TEAM NAME), Nanooks, Nationals, Navy, Nighthawks, Nets, Nightmare, Nimrods, Ninjas, Norse, Nuggets, Northman, North Pole, 

O: Oilers, Orangemen, Outlaws, Orangatangs, Owls, Oranges, Orange (INSERT TEAM NAME)Oakers, Oaks, Olympians, Oracles, Ore dockers, Orioles, Orphans , Ospreys, Otters, Operators, 

P: Pacers, Panthers, Patriots, Peacocks, Peecocks, Penguins, Phantoms, Pilgrims, Pink (INSERT TEAM NAME), Pioneers, Pirates, Polar Bears, Polar Express, Polars, Prarie Dogs, Predators, Pride, Pumas, Purple (INSERT TEAM NAME), Paladins, Phoenix, Peaches, Plums, Power, Ponys, Planets, Pythons, Packers, Pandas, Papermakers, Peach, Peasants, Pelicans, Pharaohs, Pheasants, Phillies, Pied pipers, Pilots, Pink (INSERT TEAM NAME), Piranhas, Pistons, Plainsmen, Players, Plowboys, Poets, Pods, Pointers, Poison ivy, Polars, Popes, Porcupines, Potters, Power, Punks, Prairie (INSERT TEAM NAME), Praying mantis, Preachers, Prayers, Preppers, Presidents, Pretzels, Privateers, Professors, Prophets, Profits, Pros, Prowlers, Psychos, Pulverizers, Pugs (DOG), Punchers, Punishers, Purple (INSERT TEAM NAME), Pounders, Pigs,

Q: Quakers, Queens, Quakes, Quarriers, Quick silvers, Quails, Quick (INSERT TEAM NAME), Questors,

R: Racers, Rage, Ragin Cajuns, Ragin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Raiders, Rampage, Rams, Rangers, Raptors, Rattlers, Ravens, Razorbacks, Rebels, Red (INSERT TEAM NAME), Red Devils, Red Dragons, Redbirds, Redhawks, Redmen, Redskins, Renegades, Roadrunners, Rockets, Roughriders, Royals, Rush, Robins, Rubies, Roccons, Rabbits, Radicals, Radioactive, Radiowaves, Railmen, Ramblin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Ranchers, Rapids, Rattle snakes, Razors, Reapers, Riot, Racers, Regals, Reindeer, Resorters, Retrievers, Revolution, Rhinos, Ridgerunners, Riots, Riptides, Rippin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Riptide rush, River (INSERT TEAM NAME), Riverhawks, Roadkill, Roar, Roarin (INSERT TEAM NAME), Robins, Robots, Rockcrushers, Rockers, Rocket power, Rockies, Rockin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Rocks, Ropers, Roughnecks, Rovers, Rowdy (INSERT TEAM NAME), Royal (INSERT TEAM NAME), Runnin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Rustlers

S: Sabercats, Sabres, Saints, Scarlet (INSERT TEAM NAME), Scorpions, Seagulls, Seahawks,Seahorses, Seals, Seawolves, Seminoles, Senators, Sharks, Shockers, Showboats, Skyhawks, Soldiers, Sea (INSERT TEAM NAME), Sooners, Spartans, Spiders, Spirit, Squirrels, Stallions, Stampeders, Stars, Statesmen, Storm, Sugardaddys, Sun Devils, Sunbirds, Suns, Salukis, Sycamores, Scorpions, Sharks, Sonics, Streaks, Stringrays, Squad, Squadron, Sprouts, Stinky (INSERT TEAM NAME), Strikers, Sparks, Sabotage, Satellites, Sailfish, Shellfish, Sailors, Sails, Sand (INSERT TEAM NAME), Savages, Scoopers, Scrappers, Screamin' eagles, Seasiders, Sentinels, Serpents, Setters, Shamrocks, Sheep, She-(INSERT TEAM NAME), Sheep herders, Sheiks, Shiners, Shipbuilders, Shootin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Side Winders, Silver (INSERT TEAM NAME), Strikers, Sioux, Skeeters, Skiers, Skippers, Skylights, Slammers, Slaters, Slayers, Slicers, Smashmouths, Smashers, Smashing (INSERT TEAM NAME), Snails, Snakes, Shoemakers, Snow (INSERT TEAM NAME), Soarin' (INSERT TEAM NAME), Soul, Soultakers, Space Monkeys, Sparks, Speed Demons, Splash, Spoilers, Spuds, Stags, Stampede, Starbursts, Starfish, Stateliners, Stealth bombers, Steamers, Steamrollers, Steelers, Steel heads, Steel men, Steers, Sting, Stone crushers, Strike force, Strikers, Subzero, Sugar plums, Sultans, Sun, Sun dragons, Superstars, Super sonics, Surge, Swamp foxes, Swamp Rats, Swamp Gators, Swordsmen

T: Tarheels, Terrapins, Terriers, Texans, Thoroughbreds, Thunder, Thunderbirds, Thunderbolts, Thundering Herd, Tiger Cats, Tiger Kats, Tigers, Timberwolves, Titans, Tom Cats, Tornadoes, Toros, Tribe, Trojans, Turtles, Thunder, Tidal, Tidal Waves, Tsunamis, Tadpoles, Tailhawks, Terminators, T-birds, T-rex, Tarantulas, Tarpons, Tars, Tazmaniacs, Tazmanian devils, Technicians, Templars, Termites, Terrific tigers, Terror, Terrorizers, Thunder (INSERT TEAM NAME), Ticks, Tidalwave, T-N-T, Tractors, Trailblazers, Transformers, Trappers, Travellers, Triggers, Trollers, Trolls, Tropics, Tropical storm, Truckers, Tsunami, Tulips, Turbo chargers, Turkeys, Turfdogs, Typhoon

U: Utes, Ultra violets, Unicorns, Urchins, Uniformed (INSERT TEAM NAME), 

V: Vandals, Vikings, Volunteers, Vulcans, Venom, Vipers, Vultures, Voyage, Voyagers, Valkyries, Vanguards, Venom, Ventures, Villians, Violets, Vixens, Volcano blasters, Volcanoes, Voodoo, Vultures

W: Warriors, Wasps, Waves, Wildcats, Wolfpack, Wolverines, Wolves, Wranglers, Warhawks, Whales, Wizards, Wardens, Wardogs, Warpigs, Warhorses, Watchdogs, Watchmen, Waveriders, Waverunners, Westerners, Whalers, White Sox, White (INSERT TEAM NAME), Wildebeasts, Winged beavers, Witches, Wizards, Woodchuckers, Woodsmen, Wreckers

X: Xtreme, Xplosion,

Y: Yellow (INSERT TEAM NAME) Yellowjackets, Yachtsmen, Yankees, Yanks, Yeomen

Z: Zips, Zebras, Zapoos, Zebras, Zephyrs, Zizzers, Zombies, Zippers, 

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May I suggest one, Sea Turkeys, my grandpa always called cranes sea turkeys, and I think it's really unique

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why did this thread get unpinned? it was a great forum for getting team names for fantasy teams and whatnot. 

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1 hour ago, RealSkillsAbraham said:

why did this thread get unpinned? it was a great forum for getting team names for fantasy teams and whatnot. 

its not unpinned its under concept resources

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google Rhode Island school of design mascot SCROTIE!

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