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Go Red Sox!

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Hi guys,

i'm a long-time Bears fan and never really liked the 1999 overhauled version of their old alternate logo. So here is my version of it, including new wordmarks. Still a heavy, extended typeface, but more modern than the old one. I kept it very simple. No spikes or whatsoever.

UPDATE 8/4: Added details to the bear's pupils




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Honestly, I love it.

Clean, fresh and modern, without being over the top. It still feels classic, but upgraded at the same time. Like the Vikings horn getting a modern tweak, but its still their horn.

Well done.

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Something about those eyes are just........off. (**)(**)(**)(**)(*.5)

They are far better, in my view, than the round (fearful?) eyes in the original. Adding some hint of reflection or pupil may help to resolve the "off" look.

I risk offending traditionalists, but I could see this superimposed on the white version of the football-shaped C, as a helmet logo.

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Love it all, Go Red Sox! The updated bear is great. I like that you kept the same general shape as the original and that you made it orange-heavy, since it'll be on blue and white backgrounds most often. The wordmarks are solid too. Same feel, but with a more modern typeface. My only suggestion would be adding a touch of white to the eyes just to see how it looks.

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