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Whose playing Minnsota here?


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I was watching a video of the 1985 Independence bowl between Minnesota and Clemson, and they were showing player highlights when I stumbled across some scenes from a game across a team that was wearing Silver Helmets with a darkish red stripe and no logo. at first I thought it was Ohio State, but the helmet didn't look right and the red seemed more maroon. So I looked up Minnesota's schedule and the only other team to fit the bill would be Montana. BHut here's were the confusion comes in. From What I understand Montana used Gold and Copper colors on there helmets at that time plus they had a "UM" Logo.

So who the heck is the team they are playing? Montana? Ohio State? So other team with red/silver colors who played them in a previous season?


EDIT: Damnit there's a typo in the title.....

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