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So last year, I started a fantasy EPL league with a 13 other friends I know on tumblr. Check out the logos from last season.


It was a great season, other than my team being last till January, then I won 10 of 11 and worked my way up to 11th. Looking forward to this year, for my performance, and the new teams. We got a big following, and opened up expansion applications. We were looking for 6 members to make it a perfect 20 teams. Here are the 6 teams that were added.







Seinfeld FC - George Costanza holding a bat from a screenshot of a Seinfeld episode
Spartak Cena - John Cena denim meets Spartak Moscow
Trust Fund FC - A logo for a ManU fan soaking in their parent's money
West Bird United - For everyone's favorite Canadian bird mother, inspired by Norwich
Points-R-Us - A giraffe in the style of a rampart lion, the goofiest logo I've ever made
Rose City Rockers - A mix of the Portland Thorns and The Ramones

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During the application process, we got 25 applications. With the top 6 only getting in, I felt bad for the majority of people who wont get to play. Our Premier League is a head to head league, so it could only have an even amount of teams, and I'd have to facilitate the weekly match ups. So I had the idea for a second tier. No promotion/relegation, but an opportunity for people to play fantasy EPL. I had tons of fun last year, so more people, more fun. It wouldn't be head to head because 24 new teams would be ideal. I(Dads FC) would be participating just because I was the admin. Since 25 teams was an odd number, it'd be a classic "most points wins" style league. So here are the teams! I did all but 3 teams' logos, so I had a lot of practice.

Here are all 24 logos in their glory.


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