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St. Louis Blues uniforms and logo concepts


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Idea I thought about the other day. Mixing some old designs with the present designs and adding the "Long Live The Note" in the color, Creating a Blues version of the STL inspired from the Cards. Made a lighter shade of blue for the Bues plus dropping the yellow to match the name. Just toying around with ideas for the HJC.







C&C welcome negative or positive help me make better designs

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these are all first ideas and subject to change. I think i will replace the roundel with the monogram before i send it to HJC. I appreciate the help with it and I dont know how many of you all actually go to hockeyjerseyconcepts,com but if you havent gone there yet, stop in and take a look, A few different votes going on also for Concept of the Week and the WWE themed designs soon.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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