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Atlanta Thrashers Concept


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Why can you not have a colorful logo and simply-colored jerseys?

I don't know where it started, I really think it must be a very modern thing. There are many logos with all sorts of tertiary colors that are never really acknowledged, the Steelers colored hypocycloids, the Sabres' red eye, the Blackhawks...everything in that logo. Even some modern ones feature that, the red in Winnipeg, the red in the Tennessee Titans, the Miami Marlins many colors. For a while, the Penguins wore a black and gold logo on a blue/blue jersey, and it worked!

You can have a colorful logo and plain jerseys. If anything, they balance out. I think you could use the original logo, or something maybe a little simplified, and still use these jerseys. You just have to pick what the team colors are and stick to them.

I'd also add something to the shoulders. The blue jersey looks especially plain and the white isn't that much better. Secondary logo, yokes, or even phantom yoke piping would probably go a long way. But stay simple, stick to the theme you have going.

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Exactly. Though aside from the washed out logo, this look comes off quite well. I hated how the team always had either mismatched logos or mismatched striping. Nice seeing rectified, even if the team is no more.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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