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Best uniform match ups in each sport.


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I couldn't find a great picture of the two in action together, but I did find this:


I think this is one of the more underrated ones in all of sports. Great, great color matchup and great uniforms in and of themselves.

Another one I think is really underrated is Mets/Pirates (when no alternates are involved, that is). The blue-orange and black-gold schemes contrast very well.

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green just isn't used too much in major sports. Baseball should use more of it for sure.

Far as the NHL goes, its one of these two for me... Those Bruins colours look so good against a team with bright green. Makes you wonder why green is so sparse in the league to begin with.


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This topic has been discussed, but always fun, I'll play along.

Fair warning! I appreciate modern design, but am a traditionalist if we're listing our absolute favorite matchups. :flagusa:


This could easily be Lakers home golds vs almost anyone as their home jerseys look fantastic in contrast to almost any team's road uniforms, especially under the Staples Center "theatre lighting". One of the greatest rivalries in sports is the tiebreaker here.

Honorable Mention: About 20 different teams playing in LA vs the Lakers on a non-Sunday



The home teams are close to interchangeable here, but I give a slight edge to the Packers in green and gold hosting the Bears at Lambeau.

Honorable mention: Browns vs Steelers, Redskins vs Cowboys



Maybe it's because the classic MLB matchup essentially features a game of white vs gray, but the more I compared MLB matchups to other sports, the more I felt underwhelmed. There aren't a ton of great options, but there is definitely one. Like Green Bay-Chicago, the home teams could be flipped here, but the Yankees pin stripes give them the edge.

Honorable Mention: Giants vs Dodgers, Cardinals vs Cubs

(Apologies for the alt Yankees cap, but this was the best photo I could find that showed a close-up front of both jerseys.


College Football:

I'm a sucker for tradition and colors and college football showcases both at a very high level. I'm also a sucker for color vs color, which is why I immediately knew what my CFB choice would be. There are handful tied for close second, though, so the honorable mentions also get a photo.



Honorable Mention:

For being in the same conference, they seemingly rarely play, but, for me, this matchup has popped off the TV for as long as I can remember. I love the red vs yellow on a bright green field. It's a 3-hour display of pleasing color balance.


Continuing down the red vs yellow path..


My homer pick. This lacks in the color saturation department, but screams college football. The orange/crimson split at the Cotton Bowl 50 yard line provides one of college football's greatest annual settings. The matchup is very similar to Bama-Auburn, but I'm a Texas homer, so this one gets the nod.


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My favourite uniform match-up in the AFL is Collingwood versus Geelong:


Two classic uniforms that have changed very little since the two teams entered the league in 1897, plus you have the contrast between the horizontal and vertical stripes of the jumpers.

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