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MLB Rivalry Classics: Subway Three-Way: Giants vs. Yankees vs. Dodgers (spinoff finale)


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The end. When you mourn something special that you'll want to relive someday...when you know you can ride off into the sunset, on your own terms, with no regrets...when you pour one...when one book closes for good, and another opens its blank pages. Who knows, maybe I'll look back and think this book was so good, I might wanna crack it open again.

We're here, and so are the Dodgers...


Dem Bums wore pinstripes off and on before the advent of the script...couldn't think of a cap so I just used the iconic one.

The Giants roam the Polo Grounds one more time...


The home set utilizes the blank fronts that were common before the 30s, while the all black roads are a tribute to early Giants manager John McGraw, who liked to put his nine in all black for World Series trips.

And the damn Yankees...


Pinstripe-free whites, a la the early 1910s, and pinstriped roads with a Yankees script a la their classic dugout jackets.

And with that, I'm out of the park for now...

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Awesome work. The Yankees road set is my favorite by far. The Yankees home and Giants road remind me of the some of the concepts you did for your MLB Generations series.

It's been an absolute treat following this series and anxiously awaiting the unveil of each new Rivalry set. Sad to see this series come to an end after all these months.

There is, however, one more MLB rivalry you could tackle *cough* Vedder Cup *cough* but that's entirely up to you. ;)

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